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Decoding 20 Odd Websites that Promises Earning Free Bitcoin in 2020

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Cryptocurrency is amongst the most talked topics on the web. With the growing popularity and handsome overnight gains, the netizens are literally craving to earn free bitcoins. While it may sound simply unbelievable and impossible, to earn free bitcoins. There are legit ways which can help you to buy bitcoin for free.

Some of the ways to get bitcoins for free include bitcoin mining, trading, and completing easy tasks.

Bitcoin mining is one such technique which is exploited and harnessed by many individuals and big corporations. Although, the technique is quite easy and free the initial cost to set up is extremely high and you need to put in to use a high amount of computational power to earn free bitcoin.

Discover 20 websites promising to pay free bitcoins in 2020. Learn whether they pay or not?

However, making free bitcoin is not just limited to bitcoin mining, there are many authentic and genuine websites over the internet which pays free bitcoin to complete easy tasks. Therefore, this post will be completely dedicated to exploring those websites paying free bitcoin.

Let’s Dive into it! and try to answer your question.

What are the Websites that enables to Earn Free bitcoins?


Free bitco.in is completely free to use website paying free bitcoin every single time you hit the counter. A small amount is credited to your account. The amount of bitcoin is literally equivalent to $0.001 which means you have to keep hitting it up in order to earn a significant amount.

free bitcoin

This may sound a little overwhelming because it hardly will pay until and unless you keep hitting the counter for days. But the secret here is teamwork, you got to build your team by inviting as many users as you can. For each of the referral, you invite you to earn 50% of what they earn. Therefore, in order to have a chance of cashing out your first earning from this website. You have to keep sharing it.

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Freedoge.co.in looks pretty a mirror site of freebitco.in. The website looks completely annonymous with no about us section and no contact us. Thereofore, I’m complete suspicious about the working and crediblity of the website. Does this free bitcoin payin website really pays? Let’s find it out!

To join the website, you’ve to first create a dogecoin wallet. To create the wallet. Go to > Sign up > click on DON’T HAVE A DOGECOIN ADDRESS?>

Although, it was paying the users for a long time. But due to some erratic users, they are shutting down the platform as mentioned on their website. take a look!

FreeDoge co in - Win free dogecoins every hour


Bitcoinmachine-games.io has been shut down due to abuse by the users. The company tend to pay users free bitcoin for playing games on their platform. Now it has been closed and the website seems to be not operating.


faucethub.io is yet another website that is discontinuing its services for users. It is a platform offering microwallet services for cryptocurrency. Reportedly the platform is shutting down due to regulatory requirements from the government of the country as the news page on the website suggest. The company will move and rebrand its services on the new platform.



Coinswitch.co is more of a cryptocurrency trading and exchanging platform. This platform allows users to switch to multiple cryptocurrencies. You can easily convert bitcoin to ethereum and vice versa. Plus, there are several other cryptocurrencies you can use to trade over the platform. There is also a awesome referral program where you get $5 for referring users who will also get $5.

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Computta is a simply a platform which enables you to mine bitcoin from your computer by simply installing an application on your computer. It utilizes your computer processing power to mine bitcoin 24x 7 on autopilot mode.


As per the company you can earn between $ 30-100 based on your computer video card.

In order to determine how much you can earn from your computer, you have to install their miner software and run the benchmark process. It will give you a brief estimation of your potential earning.

Besides the mining process, it has a 5-tier referral system which allows you to earn $1000 per month as a passive income through your referral earnings.

Check Out Now


Moonbit.co has been reincarneted to binance. Binance.com allows you to trade and exchange cryptocurrency on their platform.


Plus, your can check real-time update on values of each crypto on the market.


Qoinpro.com is the most trustful website on our list. It is rated with 4.5 star rating on trust-pilot.

To earn from the website, you need to first sign up. Then, you have to update your profile on the dashboard.

Update your telegram ID

Facebook & twitter username.


There are 3 ways to earn from Qoinpro:

Daily login: When you login daily, you will earn about  0.0000000286 BTC per day. The daily login earning increases as your refer more and more people. So, When you Reach level 1 with 3 referals, your earning increases to +5%. Then, When you reach level 7, you earning increases to +40%. And, so on.

Airdrips & Airdrops

Once you have logged in, you need to complete your profle for task to be updated. join telegram group and fill your social profile Ids. And complete tasks to earn.

other tasks

By joining their group on telegram you could increase your earning to +30%.

Morover, writing review about the website on sitejabber, trustpilot, & bittrust.org will allow you to earn +15% more.

So, Why wait!

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Eobot has been in the crypto arena since 2013. The company operates from the United States.


It allows real-time trading over its platform with multiple crypto exchange. Plus, You can use cloud mining to amplify your crypto assets.

It uses SHA-256 or scrypto alogorithm for cloud mining.

Moreover, there are other alternatives to earn free bitcoins such as referring friends which will get you 1% of whatever they earn.

Curious about it?

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Coinpot.io has been moved to Cex.io. Cex.io allows you to securely and safely transfer your crypto balances to your visa or mastercard debit cards.


The best thing about them is that they charge as low as $3.8$ for each instant transaction. 

You can simply sign up on their platform and sell your bitcoins and then transfer the balance to your Visa or MasterCard debit card.


While these platforms are completely legitimate, you mus be aware of any consequence that might arise in dealing and owning with cryptocurrency. So, be sure to check legalities and regulations in your country before making a move. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins are highly dynamic and getting them for free apparently sounds like a daydream. No wonder if you own 1, you would be on cloud 9.

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