Submit Your Website to Search Engines for Higher Rankings

Submit Website to Search Engine
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Submitting your website to search engines is essential for higher rankings in the search results.

Search Engine website submission promises a quick lift to your SEO campaign. It is the first and foremost part of any SEO strategy.

Besides, It also assures that your website appears in search results and battle for the top 10 spots by rapid indexing of all your web pages.

I highly recommend submitting your website or blog to top search engines.

All these search engines not only have immense search traffic but are also popular among bloggers and webmasters worldwide. For augmenting or growing website traffic, It is necessary to have a place in the search results.

In general, search engine organic traffic helps you increase brand exposure and volantly reach potential customers.

Top Search Engines for website submission Includes

Submit Your Website to Search Engines

#1. Google

As, Google powers 70% of the web search globally. To get a spot in Google search, submitting your website search engine is a pre-requisite.

Google no longer supports the submission of websites directly from their web submission tool.

To drive organic traffic, you have to submit your website to google search console.

Before you can submit your website, you are required to sign up for google search console.

A highly recommended tool that can help you manage your website, fix website errors and prevent major cyber attacks.

Submit Your Website URL to Google

Here is the google search console link.

You have to create a sitemap of all your web pages before you can submit on google. For creating website sitemap, you can find numerous online tools on google.

If you are using the WordPress platform. You can use the Yoast plugin tool, to create a quick and easy sitemap of your website.

Putting your website sitemap to search console tool, will enable Google bots to fetch your website and place them in google index.

#2. Yahoo

Submit Your Website URL to Yahoo

In a bid to make the most out of your SEO campaign and drive high organic traffic to your website. It becomes critical to submitting your website URL to the Yahoo search engine.

Yahoo search engine is one of the major search engines that started at the end of the ’90s.  Most of the searches on yahoo search engine emanate from The United States.

Yahoo website submission also becomes imperative if your business is targetting US customers. Although, Yahoo has ended its support for manual search engine submission.

Subsequently, for submitting your website to yahoo search engine, you need to put in your website on Bing search engine.

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Sign up Bing search console

#3. Bing 

Bing being among the most dominant search engines accounts for 90 % of the search engine traffic from the US.

It is also another search engine that should be on your list to target organic search traffic from the united states.

Submission on the Bing search engine further becomes more important in view of the fierce competition for ranking on the Google search engine.

Formerly, MSN search engine, Bing is owned by software giant Microsoft.

Therefore, to submit website to Bing search engine, You are supposed to create the Bing Webmaster Tool account.

Sign up for Bing Search Console

#4. DuckDuckGo

Submit Your Website URL to DuckDuckGo

Want to know?

How to submit your website URL to DuckDuckGo Search Engine?

All that you suppose to do to drive search traffic to your website from the DuckDuckGo search engine.

Envisioning the ideas to safeguard users’ online privacy and assuring a greater control over users search data, DuckDuckGo had been started in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg.

In truth, It is the only search engine with such a remarkable concept and vision which are applauded by its search engine users globally.

DuckDuckGo promises not to track your search habits thus maintaining the integrity and trust of its millions of search engine users.

Submit your website URL to Duckduckgo

#5. Entire Web

Submit Your Website to EntireWeb

If your priority is to get more website traffic than high rankings, the entire web search engine should be on your list.

Simply submitting your website on entire web search engine opens the door of website traffic from all local small search engines.

Resulting in increased web traffic and lead generation.

Moreover, this search engine is also a great option to extend your website reach.

As it automatically submits your website to thousands of small search engines that is why it is preferred by thousands of webmasters.

Submit Your website URL to Entire Web


Search engines worldwide are a  predominant place to find incredible resources. And, that incredible resources might subsume your website to deliver furious search engine organic traffic.

Is this your goal? or You are up for a different game.

Share your thoughts in the comment section. I will get back to you ASAP.

Moreover, If you’d like me to list more search engines please do drop your comments below.

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