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Get Free Traffic By Search Engine Submission

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New to the SEO World?

Here is what you have to do to get free website traffic from search engines.

Since Website or Blog Search Engine Submission is crucial to get any search engine website traffic.

Therefore, Search engine submission becomes a necessary element of any SEO strategy.

In fact, getting indexed on major search engines is like putting the first step in the SEO world.

When you submit your website or blog to search engines. Crawlers or Bots( For Google its Google bot) fetches your websites and put them in their database of million pages.

In short, all your pages are indexed. And when any of the user type keyword which matches your content.

Crawlers retrieve those pages from the index and display to the user.

Submission of Website or blog is extremely easy. And with this guide, you will be able to index all your pages on popular search engines.

All these search engines not only have considerable search traffic but also are popular among bloggers and webmasters worldwide.

With free Organic or search engine traffic, you easily get brand awareness, exposure and smoothly reach potential customers.

Let’s take a look at the free search engine submission sites list for 2019.

Top and Best Search Engines are:

Search Engine Submission

#6. Entire Web

Entire Web Search Engine Submission

For tons of organic website traffic, Entire Web search engine should be on your list.

The entire web search engine opens your door for much higher website traffic from local and small search engines to eventually increase website traffic and lead generation.

Moreover, this search engine is also a critical factor to enhance your website reach as it automates the submission of website to thousands of small search engines making it preferred the choice of millions of webmasters.

Note: It is important to verify your website after submission because it helps you to validate the legitimacy of your website. As many search engines do which comprises putting code into your head section.

To put verification code to your head section Go to the appearance in your WordPress dashboard.

Theme editor dashboard

Now click- Theme Editor

Place Verification Code in Header File

Find and Locate- Theme Header( header.php) file.

Afterward, just place the code between two head tags.



Make sure you don’t remove any of the existing code. That could certainly break your theme. Then, click the update file button.

Place Code In Header File

Submit website URL to Entire Web

#5. Info.com, Lycos, AOL, Ecosia, Zapmeta.ng, DogPile, ASK, Search Encrypt

Officially there is no way, you can directly submit your website to any of the Info.com, Lycos, AOL, Ecosia, Zapmeta.ng, DogPile, ASK, Search Encrypt search engines.

As these search engine mostly works with results from google and bing. Your website will be automatically get indexed once you submit your website to the former ones.

To make sure you receive traffic from the above search engines here is a quick hack.

Go to each of the search engines and type your brand or website name. We are taking the example of Info.com

Info.com Search Engine

That will quickly pop out your website homepage. It means all your pages are indexed on the particular search engine.

Now, copy any URL of your post and put it in the same search box. In this case, I’m putting this URL.


Info Search Engine

Info Dot Com Search Engine Results

After this, your page will pop-up on the top. Just Click that result on top.

Make sure you do this 2 times.

After I did this. The same page started getting traffic from info.com search engine. The traffic, however, was not huge. But It is better than none.

Search Traffic from Search Engine

Look at the screenshot above. You can see all the traffic is for the same page I put on the search box. Thus, I decided to rinse and repeat.

So, After completing the process for each of the search engine. The results were incredible.

Search Engine Traffic

You can see traffic from each of them. This is not massive website traffic but it is better than blank.

You have to optimistic about the results. When you keep doing this for each of the pages. The result will be incredible and certainly, bring more potential customers and readers for your blog or website.


#4. Google

As, Google powers 70% of the web search globally, In order to get a spot in Google search, submitting your website search engine is a prerequisite.

If you don’t have done it until now, It is why probably your website not showing in google search engine.

Google no longer supports search engine submission directly from its web submission tool.

To drive organic traffic, you have to submit your website to google search console.

To submit your URL to Google search engine, You are supposed to make a google search console account.

Google search console is a highly recommended tool to help track your ranking, improve performance, fix website errors and prevent major cyber issues.

Google Website Submission

Here is the google search console link

You have to create a sitemap of all your web pages before you can get into google search engine. For creating website sitemap, you can find numerous online Sitemap creator tools on google.

If you are using the WordPress platform. You can use the Yoast plugin tool, to create a quick and easy sitemap of your website.

Putting your website sitemap to search console tool, will enable Google bots to fetch your website and place them in google index.

#3. Yahoo

Submit Your Website URL to Yahoo

In a bid to make the most out of your SEO campaign and drive high organic traffic to your website. It becomes critical to submitting your website URL to the Yahoo search engine.

Yahoo search engine is one of the major search engines that started at the end of the ’90s.  Most of the searches on yahoo search engine emanate from The United States.

Yahoo website submission also becomes imperative if your business is targeting US customers. Although, Yahoo has ended its support for manual search engine submission.

Subsequently, for submitting your website to the Yahoo search engine, you need to put in your website on Bing search engine.

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Sign up Bing search console

#2. Bing 

Bing is among the most dominant search engines accounts for 90 % of the search engine traffic from the US.

It is also another search engine that should be on your list to target organic search traffic from the united states.

Submission on the Bing search engine further becomes more important in view of the fierce competition for ranking on the Google search engine.

Formerly, MSN search engine, Bing is owned by software giant Microsoft.

Therefore, to submit website sitemap to Bing search engine, You are supposed to create the Bing Webmaster Tool account. Here’s the link Below.

Sign up for Bing Search Console

#1. DuckDuckGo

Duck Duck Go Website Submission

Want to know?

How to submit your website URL to DuckDuckGo Search Engine?

All that you suppose to do to drive search traffic to your website from the DuckDuckGo search engine.

Envisioning the ideas to safeguard users’ online privacy and assuring a greater control over users search data, DuckDuckGo had been started in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg.

In truth, It is the only search engine with such a remarkable concept and vision applauded by millions of search engine users globally.

DuckDuckGo promises not to track your search habits. Thus maintaining the integrity and trust of its millions of search engine users.

Duck Duck Go has become a furious Google competitor in recent times.

According to Reports, Duck Duck Go revenue and searches have sour to 10 folds in the past 5 years.

Hence, potentially benefitting both the advertisers and webmaster by furthering opportunities.

To Submit Website URL to DuckDuckGo go to Duck Duck Go BANG section. DuckDuckGo Bang is an outstanding resource for webmaster and users to improve the search results.

By using this tool, You can easily suggest any of URL or result you might think is not served.

Let’s take a look at how to work with it.

DuckDuckGo New Bang

In Site Name: Obviously, Goes your Website name. Bang Command, use keyword according to your pages.

Choose the closest category as per your niche.

Example of searches- Use closely related synonyms of keywords.

Now confirm ticking each of the options.

Finally, submit and wait to get indexed on Duck Duck Go search engine.


Search engines worldwide are the top place to discover incredible resources and information. Being on the top Search engines websites, Help users to explore resources which might subsume your website to drive substantial search engine organic traffic.

Is this your goal? or You are up for a different game.

Share your thoughts in the comment section. I will get back to you ASAP.

Moreover, If you’d like me to list more search engines please do drop your comments below.

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  1. Hey Ashish

    Thank you for sharing this valuable piece of information on the different type of search engine crawlers. I usually submit my articles to Google and Bing networks but have not heard of DuckDuckGo and Entire Web. I learn something new every day, I will definitely submit my articles on these two search engines thanks to you.
    Keep up the good work and publish any new ones you come across.
    Best wishes

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