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Saving Tips: The Smart Guide to Save Money

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Are you obsessively looking for some fantastic money saving tips? Don’t Worry! Because this smart guide to save money is all you need to keep money spending in check and manage your expenses well.

This quick guide will undoubtedly help you save money by employing the best techniques, tips, hacks, and advice. Hence, fasten your seat belts to enjoy the roller-coaster ride to effectively and efficiently save money.

Before I share these money saving tips with you, I want you to write down all your expenses.


Because Keeping track of all your expenses is the cornerstone of laying a strong foundation for financial prosperity. It draws a clear picture of your cash flows and helps perform a quick assessment of your spending.

And, Believe Me! It’s really worth it. When writing, make sure you’re not doing it roughly because it has a close relationship between your brain functioning and habits.

Write it somewhere you can easily reach out for. Hence, every time you see that note, you can always determine where you’re going off-track. To help you accomplish your goal, here are some quick ways by which you can save money:

#1. Save on Shopping

Shopping can be a real savior for you. It gives a break from everyday distress and life struggle. It invokes your senses and gives you a calm, relaxing, and soothing effect. Experience and pleasure are the ultimate elements you can get only from shopping.

Perhaps that’s the best part about shopping which entices many including me. This is, however, not as good for pocket as for your brain. I’m not here, trying to say shopping is terrible and you should stop doing it.

Save on Shopping

I don’t mean that anyway. I intend you to acknowledge the fact, “Everything should be in balance.”

Balance is necessary to synchronize every aspect of your life. This balance helps you to control abundance in the best possible way. For example: If you start eating and keep eating every time. It will be detrimental to your health. You might end up with food poisoning.
The same goes with shopping. When you keep throwing your money on additional materials, it keeps draining your pocket and cash goes out little by little. Ultimately a big chunk of money is lost. That way, you end up losing more than you earn.

Earlier I mentioned creating a list for your spending. This is the point where the list came into play to help cut all your expenses.

Spending List

Take a closer look at where you need to make adjustments. What is your need, and what are your wants?

This process is a crucial step in dealing with the issue at the grassroots level. And it eventually will help to strike a balance between your needs and wants. To effectively pursue your goal, it is imperative to heed to your shopping habits. Don’t get overwhelmed by the intricacy involved because it ultimately directs you towards better outcomes. Hence, saving your money is the most viable and smartest way.

Alternatively, you can choose free gift cards instead of cash for shopping which you can easily obtain answering free online surveys.

#2. Save On Eatery

Food completes every occasion, small or big. One cannot imagine completing an event without food. Even thinking of delectable meals is like a powerful magnet. This powerful magnet can tempt you from miles away.

Ultimately, it can draw you to spend lavishly on food that’s not healthy for your gut. In fact, it’s not good for your pocket too. Therefore, it’s all about making smart choices. Some intelligent decisions can keep you ahead and bring better outcomes financially. Instead of going for, highly pernicious food for your health, you can opt for much cheaper and affordable meals.

Save on Eatery

In this regards, you can include fruits, nuts, and whole grain products in your diet in place of pizza, burger, or any other junk foods. These foods are highly nutritious and cheaper than highly unhealthy food.

Try dining out at restaurants or having pre-packaged dinner take some time out and make something simple and healthy for yourself. I, myself, gave it a try once and since then it has changed me. Now I wait eagerly for the weekend to come so that I can give myself a healthy and tasty treat. A little effort one weekend can leave you with a ton of cheap and easy dinner options for the following weekend. For those who can’t avoid dining out, maximize your savings with coupons and rewards credit cards that give a bonus for restaurant spending.

#3. Quit Your Addictions

Addiction is a chronic disease which affects the function of the brain and the body. It causes severe damage to several families, relationships, workplaces, and in many other sectors as well.

Either you are an alcoholic or smoker, it can lead to severe consequences. It’s certainly not the easiest of things to quit.

Quit Addiction

Addiction is the combination of your genetics, neurobiology, and how that interacts with psychological and social factors.

The habit of your smoking can be not only detrimental but also expensive. If you want to save your hard earned money and add years to your life, quit your addictions immediately.

You can try to quit on your own if you have that sort of determination. For quitting cigarettes, you can try some anti-smoking products or switch to an electronic cigarette to buy some time.

To quit alcohol, you can take the help of some apps to keep a check on your progress. I have seen my loved ones change for the better, you can also do it. If that is still a difficulty, you can always take the aid of therapy and counseling.

The slight change in your lifestyle can make a lot of difference to your health as well as wealth.

#4. Stop binge spending

One of the ways to stop binge spending is to have a list and strictly stick to that. Without one, you are most likely to end up doing binge shopping, which will cost you a lot of money.

While buying groceries, making a list is of utmost importance. It can not only help you buy only those items that fit your meal plan, but it can also help you avoid buying those items that look good, but you might end up wasting it.

If you have a habit of getting trouble with your credit cards, then keep it in a safe place at home. Keeping your credit card with you often might lead you to use it because it is such a huge temptation for binge buyers.

You just often spend money to wind down from a stressful day at work. Instead of indulging in stress spending, you can relieve yourself of stress adopting some new mechanisms.

This may include reading books, watching movies, exercising, etc. I found a way to stop my binge eating with the help of yoga. It has really transformed me. If you are a tech lover, then the latest models of gadgets and gizmos are the items you binge on.

Make up your mind in not spending extravagantly on such items. It would rather be beneficial if you buy only the things that you need and use your money for other purposes or save it.

#5. Take good care of your car

It’s such high maintenance to take care of a vehicle, Right? Well, with a few changes from our end could make a world of difference. What worked in my favor was the cleaning of the air filters. A clean air filter can improve your mileage, and you could be saving thousands of money on your fuel. You can do that yourself following the instructions on your vehicle’s manual or you could change and get a new one. You can also save money by keeping the tires of your car inflated. Always follow the car manual regarding the recommended air pressure in your vehicle. By this, your mileage could increase and directly impact your expenses as well. Another way to keep your spending in check is to keep your speed in the limit.

#6. Credit Card Alert

If you think you have been spending a lot of money on your credit card interest, it’s high time you took care of that matter. You can always negotiate your current interest rate with your card issuer, or you could do, as I did, transfer the entire balance to a different card.

Credit Card Alert

#7. Save on Power

You can save a lot of power with the use of energy-efficient bulbs. These bulbs can cost a bit more, but they have a much longer life than the incandescent bulbs. I replaced the traditional lights of my house with LED lights. LEDs are a bit more expensive but save a lot of electricity. However, they are getting cheaper by the time. Today it can be said to them to be the best lighting and can last for several years.

Final Words

With my effort and determination, I could able to implement so many things in my life for the betterment. You can also bring about a lot of changes in your lifestyle, and a lot of savings can be done quickly and efficiently. If you think you are unable to make those changes as it is getting harder for you, you can always read personal blogs. This will help you realize that you are not alone. A lot of people like you are trying to make small changes in their lives, which could lead to making their lives better in the future.

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