Online Paid Surveys Sites – Complete Reviews

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Online paid surveys sites are one of the coolest ways to earn money.

This complete guide will introduce you to reliable and legit online survey websites for India and Worldwide paying to share your opinion.

As you know, the Internet is one of the incredible places to communicate, connect and share information.

Therefore, taking one step forward, companies have come up with a remarkable idea to collect and study information.

All in all, they use surveys to study consumer behaviour, research market and demand of a real product or service. Sounds Little boring? Let’s Not Go in detail.

Overview of Best Free Online Paid Surveys Sites 2020 List Includes:

  • ACOP Online Surveys
  • AIP Online Surveys
  • Green Panthera
  • Valued Opinion
  • Paid View Point
  • SaySo
  • Survey Savvy
  • Ormax Online
  • Toluna
  • India Speaks
  • Univox Community
  • Opinion Bureau

Online Surveys List with Complete Reviews for 2020:

There are, however, uncountable survey sites in India & worldwide. But, this guide covers only best online surveys sites. Most Importantly, these websites are manually verified and tested to showcase legitimate ones.

Univox Community ($25 Guaranteed)

Univox Surveys

Read the complete Univox review.


  • Sign Up Bonus $2
  • High paying surveys
  • On-time payment of rewards
  • Helpful Technical support
  • Redeem $10 via PayPal & Amazon gift cards
  • Get Rewarded for Polls, Competition, and Monthly Rewards


  • Surveys not easy to complete
  • Technical glitches while performing surveys

My Review:

Univox Paypal Reward $100

One of the commendable online paid survey sites which promise a reliable and truly amazing experience. Surveys are not easy to complete. However, the great user experience, community interaction and rewarding campaign are worth to give it a go. Therefore, You can anticipate huge earnings in a quick span of time.

Visit Univox

Green Panthera($30 Guaranteed)

Green Panthera Surveys

Green Panthera is another new name paying to fill surveys. Here is a quick insight.


Sign up Bonus 5$
High conversion rate
Helpful customer support


Redemption amount $30

My Review:

Comparatively, Green Panthera is way better in making your time more productive. Hence, You can make quick extra cash due to frequent opportunities.

Visit Green Panthera

Survey Savvy

Here is an Honest Survey Savvy Review. Survey savvy offers exclusive rewards for US citizens. It pays $5 per month for installing their add-on on your computer. All you suppose to do is download and install on your computer.

Consequently, This add-on will be installed on your device. It collects data on your internet behaviour and sends it for study.


  • Time-saving
  • There is low survey frequency, however, without effort, you can earn monthly income from add-on


Survey frequency is low

My Review:

You earn a side income. Most importantly there aren’t many efforts from your side. So, this is a win-win situation to earn extra money.

Visit Survey Savvy


Toluna Surveys

Is Toluna legit or not? Here is a complete review.


Toluna accepts members worldwide


  • Create your own content like polls, battles, topics and also other content.

Create polls with toluna
  • Frequent and high-quality surveys on multiple topics.
  • Sponsored content like polls to earn points value 15 quickly.
  • Take Survey on the go with their internet survey app on google play and apple app store.
Toluna Online Surveys

  • Free to sign up.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • Multiple options to redeem your points for shopping gift vouchers and also for cash in the reward centre.

  • Easily get your cash in your PayPal account.
  • Sweepstakes entries of the quarterly prize are given for every survey you participate which offers you a chance to earn big.
  • You can also donate your earnings to charities.
  • Playing games, watch videos, & win prizes.


  • Surveys points range from 1000 – 5000. So, you have to complete a lot of surveys in order to withdraw your earnings.
  • The minimum cash payout is set at 50,000 points which are equal to Rs 500 or 6.7 $.

My review:

So, It’s one of the best survey sites which you can be used to work online. However, It will take some time to redeem cash rewards.

Visit toluna

Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau Surveys

Sure Shot Earnings, Here is my review on Opinion Bureau. Consecutively, Make your leisure time productive for you by completing the best survey on opinion bureau. And, Get free Paytm cash that will fill your wallet with huge cashback ( Know more)


  • Joining bonus of Rs 100 or $1.5.
  • With this best-paid site, you can easily redeem your rewards with Paytm Cash, Amazon Gift, Flipkart and Freecharge cash gift card.
  • Referral option to help you earn big.

  • The minimum amount you can claim is Rs 250 or $4.
  • You can also participate in polls to increase your earning by converting them to main balance.
  • High paying best survey which usually ranges from 50 to 150 points.

High Paying Surveys


  • Reward collected can be redeemed only after 45 days of completing the best survey.
  • Maximum 3-time payment request in a single day.
  • It takes 15 days to process your payment request.

My Review:

An absolutely amazing website to go for, to make a good earning by the best paid survey site and poll options. Finally, You can earn unlimited Paytm cash by filling survey panel.

In addition, refer your friends for more earnings. You can have a look at my earnings from this website.

Hack: In order to earn more, make sure you completely fill every section of your profile.

Earnings from Opinion Bureau

Visit Opinion Bureau

Paid Viewpoint

Paid View Point survey Panel

How to earn from this website? Well, that’s really simple, I will show you how.


Available globally to people of all age groups.


  • Earn by completing paid surveys which range from 0.5 $ to 5 $
  • Another interesting fact about this website is that it rewards you a trait score which determines the quality of survey you completed. Resulting, more surveys on your dashboard to complete. So, always keep an eye on this. Completing trait surveys increases your trait score.
    Trait Score
    Also, you can utilize your social presence to increase your trait score. Hence, A score of 1000 is an ideal requirement for plenty of potential for huge earnings

This is not the end. You can also invite your friends via social media account, email or from any other forum to get $ 25.

Paid View Poing Referral Program


There are relatively very few surveys. Therefore, It is crucial to increase your trait score for more opportunities.

My review:

A must join paid surveys site that can earn you good money. Therefore, All you need to do is keep completing trait surveys and extend your trait score to 1000. In other words, The more you get close to this level the more opportunities you will see coming your way. Subsequently, Survey opportunities will increase up to 1 $ for a 5-minute survey. So, this will skyrocket your earnings in a few months.

Visit Paid View Point

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India Speaks

Looking for the best online survey panel that pays through Paytm? Get Paid with Unlimited Paytm Cash for free by filling surveys on India Speaks. Completely free to register website.

India Speaks Surveys


Available to people in India only.


  • Earn easy money the best survey site in India with qualitative surveys from a variety of different topics on people of distinct attributes and demographics.
  • Complete surveys to earn more which usually ranges from 50 – 150 points.
  • Earn more by referring your friends via social media, email list and by importing your contact list from the email account.

Earn from Referals with India Speaks

  • Redeem 50 earn point for exciting gifts and rewards from Paytm, Lifestyle, Prepaid, DTH & Data Card recharges.


  • Points for the survey will be credited to your account after the study will be completed.
  • Rewards for your points will be processed after 45 days of the request.
  • Customer support is not that good with no replies to your queries & complaints.

My review:

Summarizing, This is not the best survey site as payment is always on hold. Similarly, Lack of customer support and negligence by authorities make this website really terrible. Hence, my opinion is to never join this website.

Visit India Speaks

Ormax Online

Ormax Online Surveys

Are you addicted to movies?

Then, this survey site in India might be a great pick for you. As much of the surveys related to Bollywood and Hollywood upcoming movies and characters. So, Ormax Surveys will be your ideal panel for taking movie surveys.


Available to people in India only.


  • Free and Easy to Sign up.
  • Survey points range from 50-100.
  • Participate easily with direct invitations of surveys in your email inbox.

Ormax Reward

  • Accumulate your points to redeem for rewards from major brands like &


  • If you answer surveys in a negligible manner, you may get disqualified or survey points will not be credited.
  • Surveys are not frequent. So, it will take some time to get your reward.
  • Customer support isn’t very supportive. Therefore, expecting any answers to queries and complaints will be completely a waste of time.

My review:

After joining, You can easily reduce your shopping expenses by filling the best survey and get rewarded for it with Amazon gift cards, Flipkart shopping gift vouchers. So, this is one of the best surveys sites that would be a great choice for you.

Visit Ormax Surveys

AIP Online Surveys

Aip Online Surveys


Available globally to people around the world.


  • Free and Easy to sign up.
  • Earn easily with distinct topics surveys that carry points from 2 to 50.
  • Survey disqualification still earns you 2 points.
  • Redeem easily with as low as 100 points which equal to Rs 100 and exchange them with shopping gift vouchers from lifestyle and

Reward from Aip Online Surveys


  • Rewards for points collected will be processed at the end of next month from the date of requesting rewards.
  • If anyhow a survey error occurs points won’t be credited.
  • Response to your complaints about surveys will take a lot of time until the survey studies get completed and your responses are verified.

My review:

Moreover, You can slowly build your earnings to get an exciting reward in the near future with gift e-vouchers from major brands. And, Using gift cards you can easily balance your shopping expenses.

Visit AIP Online Surveys

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Quest Mindshare

An amazing survey site in India for high paying surveys that really converts well. In short, Quest Mindshare panel offers high paying online surveys conducted by Cint surveys. And, most of the surveys are very easy ones and will easily convert into good earnings.


  • High paying surveys that range from 0.50 $ to 2.50 $.
  • Reward disbursal is easy and speedy, which is usually processed in 4 working days in your PayPal account.
  • Minimum payout is 12.50 $ which is surprisingly good as most of the panels payout very high amount.
  • Surveys that are interesting and easy to complete.


  • There is no such thing as customer service in this website which is a drawback.
  • Surveys are not that frequent so you can’t rely on it for earning good money.
  • Most of the surveys invitation you will get would expire rapidly if you don’t attempt them. Thus, if you get an invitation for a survey panel just make sure you don’t miss them.

My Review:

Talking of survey frequency, There aren’t many surveys that land to your inbox. By far, You can expect as many as 5 surveys per month. Hence, there aren’t bad anyway.

Visit Quest Mindshare



Globally accepts people of all age groups.


  • Welcome bonus of 100 Scoins™.
  • Free and easy to sign up.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • Multiple options to redeem your points for shopping Amazon gift cards, Archie’s,, Croma,, and gift codes.

  • Complete survey on different devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Additionally, earn 25 Scoins™ by referring your friends.

Referral program SaySo


  • Surveys points range from 50 – 150 Scoins™.
  • Minimum redemption fixed at 500 Scoins™.
  • Very few survey invitations.

My Review:

Fantastic survey sites, however, surveys aren’t frequent. Therefore, you can’t rely only on this survey platform to earn money.

Visit SaySo Surveys

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions


Available to people residing in India Only.


  • Free and easy to sign up.
  • Reliable and friendly customer support.
  • Rewarding surveys from Rs 30 – Rs 250.
  • Multiple options to redeem your points for shopping gift vouchers like ticket compliments,, and Marks & Spencer.

Complete survey on different devices like smartphones and tablets.


  • High Survey disqualification that could hamper your money-making a conquest.
  • No Referral Option.

My Review:

It’s a decent option to earn money online which sends very few surveys a month. So, you can’t expect much from these surveys sites.

Visit Valued Opinion

American Consumer Opinion Panel (ACOP)

American Consumer Opinion Panel


Open to people of all age group from different countries.


  • Easily redeem your earnings via PayPal.
  • Easy to use sites in India that will be shown on your dashboard.
  • Helpful technical support for all your queries and complaints.


  • Minimum points to redeem is 1000 which is equal to 10 $.
  • So, It’s somewhat hard to complete a survey which is generally from varieties of topics and studies.

My Review:

In other words, If you are aiming for a long time and high earning, these surveys sites will suit you.

Visit AIP Online Surveys

Why do Online Survey Panels Pay?

Brands or Companies spend millions of dollars to collect and study inside data that affects their products & services. Thus, getting feedback helps to enhance and improve their products & services. And, this mechanism mutually benefits both the company and the consumer.

And here the word, they call ” Market Research” pops up.

At this moment, You’d probably wondered what the hell is this Market Research?

Therefore, If you Don’t know what market research is all about and How the best survey sites work?

Look at this banner below.

How Online Paid Surveys Works?

Finally, you must have understood what paid survey sites are and how they actually work. Perhaps, at this moment you’re wondering “where to find genuine survey sites in India?

So, Don’t worry you can find all legitimate surveys websites listed here. All the online surveys mentioned here are completed genuine and legitimate. In fact, All online surveys panel will be a blend of cash only and gift vouchers paying surveys.

Hope, These reviews made it easy for all to understand & choose paid surveys websites as per your preference.

Who can Take Online Surveys?

In fact, everyone can participate surveys to get paid in cash.

Whether you’re a teenager, college or high school student, working mom or a retired people, these online panels are the perfect fit for you.

These form filling jobs pay you for spending a couple of hours working at home or anywhere else you feel comfortable.

Where to Find Trusted and Legit Survey Websites?

I know finding a reliable and trusted online survey sites could be a strenuous task.

Hopefully, I’ve come up with a fantastic guide to ease your effort and help you find the top survey sites in no time.

Most of the survey sites are high rated ones and I’ve tried and tested. Therefore, You can take surveys and get paid without worrying about payment.

Are Surveys Free to Join?

Unquestionably, these new survey panels are completely free to register. You can register for free and start taking the survey to get paid instantly daily via PayPal and Paytm.

Where to Start to Get Paid by Surveys?

For you, This whole guide encompasses reviews about online survey sites to help you make money online for free. Simply by sharing your honest and genuine opinion.

Thus, Paid surveys would be a great choice even if you are a newbie.

Even if you don’t know how to make money online and where to start?

Make use of this guide. And, You will see the cash flooding.

All in all, this survey guide will be your biggest bet to earn free cash online. Because of these survey jobs with a complete free tag and No investment option.

Could you answer Surveys on Smartphones?

No Doubt, Taking surveys on the desktop is a remarkable experience. It is a fabulous way to make your free time rewarding.

But, for a more fun experience, you can download survey apps from the google and iPhone app store. Or, You can download straight forward from the survey websites itself. Subsequently, You can take surveys easily on the go.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Online survey sites are a phenomenal way to earn money online without investment even if you’re a beginner.  And with the onset of smartphone technology, It has become far too easy to earn online with a slew of online earning techniques.

Subscribe heck oh yeah to earn more with completely anonymous tricks and tips that are only available to members.

Want more surveys or Have any questions, request or feedback to share?

Drop your comments below.