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5 JawDropping Mystery Shopping Apps that Pays Money

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I won’t blame you if you haven’t heard of Mystery Shopping yet. Well, not everyone talks about it so often as people do about social media nowadays. But here we are with everything you need to know about Mystery Shopping and how you can make money from it.

Making money from the comfort of your home can be one thing because let’s face it; no one likes to be too much around people these days. But if you are like me who loves to shop or visit stores to know what’s new, Mystery Shopping is for you. 

You can earn money from multiple companies that hire Mystery shoppers from around the world so that they can get some extra cash quickly. But don’t just quit your job yet for this. Let us see what Mystery Shopping has for you?

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping means where companies hire either part-time or full-time candidates who pose as a customer and visit shopping stores, restaurants, banks, cleaning services, etc. 

After the visit, you can either be asked to make a small purchase, wander about, try out the service if in a restaurant or any other place, and try out the entire experience as a customer.

Mystery Shopping Process and complete Roadmap
Image Credit: Tech Target

Why Mystery Shopping India?

Well, this entire process is mainly for Market Research and to help companies find out flaws in their system on the ground level. It is effortless to apply to these companies through their websites or apps available on the web.

According to Statista, the Mystery Shopping industry is worth around US$ 200 million to US$ 250 million per year. Currently, this is a Billion dollar industry and has been seeing immense growth.

How to Earn Money through Mystery Shopping?

Now, you may think that there might not be a lot of money here. Well, you’re mistaken. Mystery Shopping companies provide the right amount of money, but it depends on different companies and services.

How Can You Get Paid through Mystery Shopping?

While some may pay on an hourly basis or you can earn on a project basis. If the company you have chosen is good enough, they will also pay for the reimbursements and let you keep the items you have shopped.

You can earn around 5,000 INR each month to 20K INR. It isn’t a lot being offered, but for a side income, it works just fine, involving a few hours of work each week. In India, the industry hasn’t taken a massive growth as seen in other countries. Hence it is mostly advisable to keep this as a side income rather than a career.

Best Mystery Shopping Companies/Apps in India

Here we have made a list of mystery shopping companies or apps in India where you can apply and get yourself enrolled as a Mystery Shopper. Just keep in mind the companies have different offers to provide, which you can only know once you enter them.

1. 1view by Channel Play

Iview mystery shopping app to make money by completing projects

Channel Play has been providing mystery shopping services for years. You can easily apply as Mystery shopper through their application named 1view where all the assignments have been mentioned and you can submit your experience and keep track of your profile.

Iview mystery shopping opportunities tasks screenshot

The pay depends on the project basis, and the work varies from around 1-2 hours of the audit. They have mentioned that this is part-time work, and every Mystery Shopping assignment will be based on freelancing.

2. WeRetail Mystery Shopping- Chimp

WeRetail has come up with its own Mystery Shopping App named Chimp available on your Play store that makes your Mystery Shopping experience more convenient and easy to track.

WeRetail allows you to make money by completing mystery shopping jobs

You can easily select your choice of assignments from the list. Also, it has a user-friendly interface making it easier for you to plan your day and submit reports based on your experience. The best part of this app is that the price of each assignment is clearly mentioned with all the details. As soon as the assignment is accepted you will be notified once the money is credited in your account.

Lastly, the company provides a special section where you can ask the support team for any help required. And your feedback, in the end, will help the companies to take necessary action against the loophole you submitted in the report.

3. MobiAudit

MobiAudit is one of the best Mystery Shopping Company making the process easier through a mobile application. It allows scheduling, filling survey and data collection for mobile devices.

MobiAudit is a fascinating mystery shopping app to earn money completing shopping assignments

This app will help you to track and accept the assignments as a Mystery Shopper and submit reports instantly on the app itself. Details about the job assignment such as an address of the store, scheduled date, compensation, and reimbursements details are mentioned on the application for easier access.

4. RedQuanta

Redquanta is another mystery shopping company in India to make money

RedQuanta provides a rather exclusive application and has recently updated its interface making it a lot easier for all the Mystery shoppers to choose their assignments.

All the multiple types of Mystery Shopping gigs have been mentioned including fields like retail, Cab service, banks, etc with details about the compensation and more. Furthermore, all you need to do is submit a small online form as a report and get paid instantly. Time taken for each company for pay is different. 

5. iShop for Ipsos

IShopFor Ipsos offers mystery shopping assignments for money and rewards

iShop is a Mystery Shopping app that helps you to connect with multiple job assignments on the go. Ipsos is one of the leading Mystery Shopping companies having potential all around the world.

Using the app you will have to make a Shoppers account and simply get started with it right away. Schedule and choose your assignment, fill out the survey and get paid. It is absolutely free, to begin with, and there are no registration fees as well. Ipsos is dedicated to providing proper reimbursements for food, shopping, travel, etc.

Beware of the Scammers

A special note for all the new Mystery Shoppers looking forward to making some extra cash through this. In this entire hunting for the perfect company, you may come across individual scammers which you need to be careful about.

In the name of providing work, they will waste your time and make you do your work without giving any payout. No company will ever ask for money from you of any kind for Mystery Shopping India jobs. There are tons of legitimate companies that are looking for newcomers, so make sure you stick to the list above and keep necessary precautions.

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