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Youtube: How to Make Money From YouTube

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This guide centers around how to make money from YouTube. YouTube is an online video aggregator providing creators an exclusive opportunity to showcase their talent by creating fantastic content.

Talking of India, Recently YouTube popularity has grown exponentially due to the launch of Jio – an Indian Telecom firm owned by one of the world’s top billionaires Reliance owner Mukesh Ambani.

In other words, This is much due to low-cost prepaid plans and data services offered by Jio which are entirely free( Free Calls, data, and Text)Overall this development has led to a significant spur in users who use smartphones for connecting and communicating on the Internet. Subsequently, This opportunity has seen by many users as a way to concrete their livelihood by making money from YouTube.

Unquestionably, You might be the next one who will want to earn cash from YouTube after reading this post. So, How to Make Money from YouTube? Let’s answer all the question you might have in your mind.

And, Later, We’ll discuss the prominent YouTube channels earning money by doing almost nothing.

Make Money From YouTube

How to Start a YouTube Channel?

To start a YouTube channel, All you need is a Gmail account. Do you already have a Gmail account?

Cool! That’s Perfect.

For those who don’t have a Gmail account sign up clicking here. To create a channel on YouTube first sign in with your Gmail account. And click on the top right corner button with the photo or without a photo. See the Screenshot below! Now Click on the My Channel.

How to Create YouTube Channel_

Make sure you make Gmail account with the exact channel name you’ve assumed or decided. So, You don’t need to change it. If you’ve got an existing Gmail account and want to change your YouTube channel name.

Go to Setting Option in the top right corner>> Go to Account>>Account Settings(View or Change Info>> Click Personal Info>> Now click on the name and enter your desired YouTube channel name.

How to Change YouTube Channel Name_

How to Promote YouTube Channel or Videos?

Promoting YouTube channel is the most challenging task. It is the most crucial factor for the success of any channel on YouTube. Because following the right strategy is essential to grow and succeed in any YouTube channel. In short, the quicker you gain more subscribers and views on your channel and videos, the more quickly it becomes Huge.

So, How to do that?

For promoting YouTube channel, You can simply use a 3-tier system.

  1. Recommendation
  2. Promotion
  3. Sponsorship

#1. Recommendation:

At the early stage, You can recommend your YouTube channel to your family and friends. And everyone else you meet. In this way, You can tell them about the subject of your videos. And, I’m sure they will love to be the part of your subscriber’s list ( You can do it yourself, asking for phone for a minute or two). Hence, This way, you can easily reach around 500 YouTube subscribers mark. And, Eventually, it will lay down a foundation of a strong subscriber base.

#2. Promotion

Although, You will grow your subscriber base. There might, however, be a case when people don’t watch, or you don’t get more views on your YouTube videos. So, to overcome this situation, you can join many Whatsapp and Facebook group related to your topic. But make sure you target relevant groups because people will watch your videos If they’re interested in your videos.

Hack: To get more views on your YouTube Videos, make sure you’re using relevant #HashTag while promoting on social media. This way, more people can easily find your videos every time they search for a similar topic.

All in all, Promoting your videos on social media and chats can increase your channel exposure, and people get to know more about YouTube channel.

#3. Sponsorship

In this technique, You need to sponsor your channel and videos on other big channels with a massive following. You can find contact channel contact details in their YouTube about section. You will find essential information to connect with the channel owner in their about us section. Look at the screenshot below!

How to Promote YouTube Channel

There are other ways to promote the YouTube channel, but they require you to pay money, and after that, there is no guarantee that you will get results.

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How to Monetize YouTube Channel or Get Money from YouTube?

Now, we’re right on business. The only way to monetize your YouTube videos with Ads is Google Adsense, but there are other ways too. But we’ll discuss it later. You can sign up for Google Adsense with the same Gmail account. And, connect it with your channel. Make sure you meet the YouTube partner program policies before you apply. Look at the screenshot below to check, If you’re eligible for YouTube Partner program or not.

Eligibility To Monetize YouTube Channel

Summarizing the eligibility to join the YouTube partner program or monetize your channel.

  • Minimum 1000 subscribers
  • Minimum 4000 watch hours in the last year means all your complete videos must have a total time of 4000 hours in 1 year.
  • Must Meet YouTube Program Policies
  • Must have 1 Google Adsense account. You can get an Adsense account clicking here.

You yourself can read more in detail about YouTube partner program eligibility here. Therefore, If you think you are eligible for the YouTube Partner Programme. You can submit your application.

YouTube pays you once your videos are monetized or ready to show ads. You can set the number of ads you want the user to display. But, be careful if you set up more than three ads, it could deteriorate your video quality and gives a bad user experience. Eventually, It can make users quit your videos and ultimately fewer views. Thus, Make sure you’re not overdoing it.

YouTube Pays you for two types of Ad formats i.e., CPC(Cost per Click) & CPM(Cost Per Mile) or CPV(Cost per View). After Monetization, You are paid one the user view the Ads before or between your videos or ADs that might hover over your videos. Based on the country you live, You are paid a decent amount per 1000 views.

Get Paid Per View on YouTube Videos

There is a different way that you’re paid for is CPC(Cost per Click). Talking of CPC, You’re paid each time a user clicks an Ad shown by Google on your videos. So, this is an incredible way to earn a massive amount of money from YouTube.

Usually, CPC earnings are pretty much higher than CPM or CPV. And, with a vast amount of YouTube users, you can expect earnings to grow very fast. Combining both CPM & CPC Income, Making Money from YouTube means serious business. This Ad is an incredible way to do what you love and get paid for it.

Smart & Easy YouTube Channel Ideas

The best part about starting a YouTube channel is that you don’t need any conceptual ideas for inception or to start. You can come up with any topic or thing you want people to know. Perhaps, You can express yourself, and people would like to know more about you. Here is an example.

Benjamin Bennett

Benjamin Bennett is a YouTube channel featuring a man who sits in front of the camera and smile. The craziest part about his YouTube videos is he does this in his every single video. On his account, there are about 300 videos where he is only sitting and smiling. This title is his series name, and he has a playlist with this title. Look at this screenshot below!

Youtube channel Ideas.png

As you can see in the above screenshot, This YouTube Channel has 219000 subscribers and 300 videos in this series “Sitting and smiling.” You would be surprised to know that each of his videos is monstrous 4 hours long.

YouTube Channel-Benjamin Bennett

Another, Interesting fact that might surprise you is, all his videos are nearly alike where he sat in a meditative posture and smile. The only element that does change is his shirt. He is fantastic, and people love him, even if he does almost nothing on his YouTube channel. Now, the same guy has created a different series called “Walking and Talking,” where he walks and talks about random stuff. Curious About him? Take a look at Benjamin Bennett.

This example is inspirational, and you can come with one such unique idea to start your own YouTube channel. Let’s discuss some of the simple approaches to work out.

Review Movies

We all love movies and are always feeding Google or YouTube to show us the latest movie reviews or teasers. Therefore, It would be a brilliant idea to do surveys about movies, trailers, or celebrity gossips. Watching entertaining stuff makes people extremely happy. Fairly easy, Right? You can also make a list of Movies that people are already looking for. For example, If people like “Star Wars.” They would probably search for ” Movies Like Star Wars.” So, You can come up with a list by researching or asking from your friends.

Review Local Restaurants

I’m a food lover and always look for local restaurants reviews on Google and Food delivery platforms. Therefore, If I came across something intriguing or exciting place to try new food, I definitely can’t hold my horse and immediately want to try that delectable food. Terrific Ideas. Isn’t it? You can start making videos about local shops which serves food and review them. It would work incredibly well for you.

Showcase Motivational Stories

Motivational stories work pretty well to uplift anyone from a stressful situation. It imbibes you with optimism and brings anyone back to life. So, This can be your best to succeed as a YouTuber by bringing, collecting, compiling, and storytelling of motivation quotes and stories if you don’t know how it works. You can see how people are making videos on this subject. Then, You can cover stories of relevant peoples.

How to Delete YouTube Channel

For some reasons, If you ever wanted to delete your YouTube channel, This approach is what you suppose to do.

To remove your YouTube channel, Go To —> Settings >> Account Settings >> Advanced settings

Here, You will find the delete channel button at the bottom of the page. Look at the screenshot below!

How to Delete a YouTube Channel

Wrapping Up

There are already millions of YouTube creators out there who are making millions creating YouTube videos, and you could probably be the next one. The secret of becoming a successful YouTuber is consistency and always creating amazing high-quality videos. So, make sure you do that if you’re aiming at to make money from YouTube.Do you have more questions regarding YouTube which are still unanswered? Share them in the comment section, and I’ll make sure to cover it for you.

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