Make Money from blog Without Traffic

Make Money from Your Blog

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Did you create a new WordPress or blogger blog?

You had probably ignored (in charms of making profit) that creating a blog doesn’t guarantee website traffic.

Like the popular phrase “You build, they come”.

Building a web asset and creating a lot of content wouldn’t going to get you any website traffic. Making Money from a blog is critical to sustaining especially if you’re doing it professionally.


Without tapping into new resources and off-course in a deficit of a definite plan. Nothing will be going to work for you.

No, Absolutely Not.

If you had already created or in process of setting up a blog or website. Perhaps you confronted the fact that building a new blog encompasses purchasing domain, hosting plan and other setup costs.

And this cost surges every year passed by.

Advertisement on the blog becomes significant to cover all aspects of blog expenses and of course time investment profit. Running a successful blog on any platform be it WordPress, blogger, and Wix requires a substantial amount of website traffic to generate revenue from display ads.

Contrarily, Affiliate programs which primarily intend to sell products for conversion rely heavily on blog website traffic.

So, What you gonna do?

Where to start making money from a blog? when you don’t have any website traffic.

Don’t worry, this guide will swirl around your every single question centred on how to make money from blog or website.

In this guide, I’m going to share with you my own personal strategy to make revenue from a blog. I am going to guide you at each and every step to give an overview of how things should work. Thus, helping you earn good revenue out of our website or blog and make both ends meet.

How to Earn from your Website or Blog?

Before I guide you, how to earn income from your blog. Let’s discuss some of the usual ways, the blogger tends to make money from the blog.

Google Adsense (Not Recommended)

How to Make Money from Blog

For everyone in the blogging space, Google Adsense means a lot. Almost, every 2nd blog on the web relies on Google Adsense to make income. It‘s the one extremely popular due to its high CPC rates ( Revenue which is generated when someone clicks on an Ad).

However, Google Adsense has its own requirements for websites. You require to have at least a 6-month-old blog or website to start monetizing. Additionally, you must have at least 20 blog post or an appropriate amount of content on the website for Google Adsense approval.

Although, this program doesn’t have any traffic requirements. Getting approval sometimes becomes tiresome, if your blog does not comply with their program policy or doesn’t contain quality content. So, It is always good to have an alternative.

Here are some Google Adsense alternatives you might be interested in. No, I am not going to recommend you websites that did not work for me.

When I first started my WordPress blog. I was in a similar dilemma and was desperate to make revenue from my blog. Some of the programs I came across:

Google Adsense Alternatives

Chitika Ads ( Not Recommended)

You already might have tried or have read many popular bloggers in the industry promoting this program.

Not because it is a great AD program.

But because it has a referral program Which aims at referring new blog publishers and make a commission from their earnings.

I definitely not recommend this Ad platform to you, because getting fast Website approval doesn’t actually mean that you can earn from it. And, Back to square one, all that really matters is website traffic.

Other Useless Google Adsense Alternatives

  • AdBuff
  • Propeller Ads (CPM, CPC)
  • RevContent
  • Clicksterra (CPC Program)
  • Adhitz (CPC Program)
  • Clicksor (CPC Program)

These Ad publishing networks offer every possible ad format you can think of Pop up, CPM (Cost per Mile) & CPC (Cost per Click). All the programs mentioned will definitely not be a good choice for new blog publishers.

Simply because putting ads and hoping to get clicks without enough traffic is tall order.
What I personally use and recommend you to earn income from your blog?

Let’s Get in depth.

I use Ads programs precisely because of my success to make a realistic income from my blog. These programs ensure that I get a monthly income from my blog. And, You too can simply use these Advertising platforms on your blog. And strike a balance between your expenses and earnings and generate enormous profit from your blog or website.

The programs you may be interested in:


An extraordinary program for those publishers who can’t make it to Google Adsense and wants to monetize their blog or website. It is a pretty easy to use program.

Magnet’s sheer brilliance lies in the fact that you can choose any of your websites with no traffic requirements at all. All that you need is to sign up and install their code. If you have a blog on the WordPress platform. You can simply install their plugin and it automates every process.

How Magnet Program Works?

The magnet is a contextual advertising platform with a network of 87,000 registered blog and website publishers. It offers blog or website owners seamless opportunity to monetize their website for assured profit.

It allows full control of what ads you want to display on your blog pages. Being the easiest, reliable and fastest advertising program.

It allows you to earn a legitimate source of extra income for every small, medium and new website publishers.

Potential Income from Your blog?

Some of the quality websites or blog that have already joined this program are making $1000/ month. Things do not end up here. You also get a bonus or incentive for a quality website every month.

Ads Income

Payment terms:

Payment is made by PayPal on NET30 Basis. You can choose to cash out your payments when you meet the minimum requirement of $50.

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Are you going to use this program? If you are already using this Ad platform. How successful are you? Don’t hesitate to share your experience. After all, we all make some mistakes. Drop your comments below and don’t forget to give your star ratings. Subscribe the blog for more articles like this one.


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