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Make International Payments with PayPal

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Is making international payments with PayPal an obstruction? This guide will recognize all your teething troubles that counteract buying goods and services through PayPal.

With the emergence of globalization, Goods & services became limitless traversing geographical boundaries.

The inclination to buy and consume a variety of goods, simplified payments & convenience of shipping goods in any part of the World are the major contributing factors for the spike in the movement of remittance worldwide.

PayPal is among such convenient payment choices which enables cross border payments. The ease of making payments worldwide on websites like AliExpress, Alibaba, Shopify, GearBest, BangGoods and more, is the reason for its popularity.

How to Create a PayPal Account?

To get a free PayPal account. Just head up to PayPal website and register for free.

You suppose to hold a bank account, pan card and a debit card (for making payments) before you register.

There is no requirement of a debit card to receive payments from PayPal.

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How to verify PayPal Account?

Immediately when you register for PayPal account and verify your email account. You are supposed to furnish your PAN details for tax compliance.

Getting your bank account verified further enables you to possess a verified PayPal account.

Still not getting your account verified? Share your issue in the comment section. I will sort that out for you.

How to add Bank account to PayPal?

Enter your Bank account details such as account number, IFSC code and also choose your bank account name.

Then click on the verify button. You will receive a small amount in your bank account which you are supposed to enter in order to get your Bank Account verified.

Debit/ Credit cards that are supported by PayPal for International Payment?

PayPal supports debit and credit cards of only selective banks. And, that too only Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard cards.

Take a closer look at the banner below, to determine the bank debit cards & credit cards which are supported by PayPal.

Debit or Credit Cards Supported by PayPal
Source: PayPal

Note: Plenty of Users are facing inconvenience while making payments on International websites via PayPal. So, It is imperative to use only supported cards for making payments.

However, It is important that your bank’s debit/credit card is activated for international payment.

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Debit cards for PayPal Payments on International Websites, My Recommendation

For a hassle-free payment experience, choose debit or credit cards from Axis, HDFC, ICICI & CITI bank.

Holding a saving account from one of these banks requires to maintain a monthly average balance of Rs 10,000. Anything below that mark will entail service charges.

Keep in mind that virtual debit cards available on HDFC PAYZA, ICICI pockets, Axis bank app, and others won’t work for making international payment on PayPal.

Since I had already used a slew of virtual debit cards pre-embedded on a myriad of payment applications of the eminent banks.

It is evident that these virtual debit cards are precisely intended for activities such as online shopping, utility bills, and other domestic payments.

And because they are not activated for international payments. You can’t anticipate making payments internationally with the aforementioned.

A few months back, I have been through the similar dilemma of paying internationally with PayPal.

Payment with the virtual and physical debit card from private as well as public sector banks such as SBI, PNB, ICICI, HDFC was a complete fiasco.

Opening a bank account with HDFC, ICICI, CITI & Axis can break the bank, owing to their service and maintenance charges plus MAB(Monthly Account Balance).

Thus, it becomes significant to choose the bank wisely.

Which bank is the best for PayPal Payments?

What I personally use for payment on International Websites?

I will like to recommend Kotak Mahindra 811 Saving Account.

My success with PayPal Payments lies with the debit & virtual cards from the Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Why choose Kotak Bank for PayPal Payments?

811 Saving account for PayPal International payments.
Source: Google

  • Zero balance account – No MAB charges. So as to pay carefree.
  • Ease of Payments- With Kotak Bank Payment App, banking is at your doorstep to manage all your banking operations.
  • A reliable, convenient and user-friendly support team
  • Compatible with PayPal (Officially supported by PayPal for International Payments)
  • Easy to find and reach
  • Low service charges

With Kotak Bank App, you get a pre-embedded virtual debit card that can be used both for domestic and international payments.

Kotak mahindra 811 debit card for PayPal Payments
Source: Kotak Website

You can simply navigate from on and off function of your debit card to activate or deactivate international payments.

For physical cards, you can easily apply for a personalized physical debit card for a fee of Rs 300 (When Last Checked).

Note: However, there is a choice to enable international payment from the Kotak Bank App. Reach out for the customer support team to enquire the status of your activation.

You can also specifically ask for status on activation of the debit card for PayPal related transactions so that your journey with PayPal transactions doesn’t meet Waterloo.

Payment Related Errors with Debit & Credit Cards

Countless PayPal users are bearing the brunt of “Your card xxx014 has been declined”.

And, I being the former one, suffered a lot with this error. Although, It seems like that It’s an error on the part of PayPal.

But, Your bank is the chief culprit. Owing to the fact, the bank’s debit card used by you is not active for International payment.

Another reason could be, (for the card decline error) is not using supported debit card. Thus, It is necessary to use a debit/credit card intended for making an international payment.

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Wrapping Up

Being preoccupied with a compatible debit card is crucial to relish a global shopping experience.

Hence, Go for only those payment cards that are in tune with PayPal. Still, not able to clear the air? Did you encounter an issue with PayPal Payments which is completely disassociated? Share them in the Comments Section. I will try to address and sort that out for you.

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