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Earning Unlimited Free Paytm Cash Is Easier Than You Think

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This guide will usher you to the top Website/Apps paying unlimited free Paytm cash in 2020. All these Website/Apps hand over exclusive opportunities to make enormous free cashback in Paytm wallet.

The growing popularity of Paytm wallet has prompt online marketplaces, shopping & food ordering apps and even physical stores, to deploy and exploit, Paytm as a way to entice users and amplify sales. Rewarding Free Paytm cash by gaming apps, websites and micro job websites is another such identical move in this direction.

To make it easy for you to figure out which are the top websites/Apps paying free Paytm cash, I will narrate inside reviews and insights to confidently choose the best one & make behemoth free Paytm cash from these apps/website.

Let’s dive deep and take a closer look at how to exploit these Websites/Apps to get huge free Paytm Cash daily.

Note: These Apps/Websites are applicable for Both Old & New Users to earn free paytm cash online.

Top Websites/Apps Paying Free Paytm Cash are:

Freee Paytm Cash

Keep in Mind, I Share only those apps which I think you can make free paytm hack unlimited money. Undoubtedly, these apps/websites will pour in immense free Paytm cash in your wallet.

AIP online Surveys

Aip Online Surveys

Perhaps, AIP Online surveys a new paytm money hack trick . It is one of the reputed names in the market research and survey business. Registering with AIP online surveys is free. Subsequently, After registration, you will be able to answer surveys and get rewarded for it. Although, There are other reward choices like Flipkart, bookmyshow as well, you will be able to get the very coveted free Paytm cash.

You can ask for Instant Payout when you reach the minimum criterion of 100 Points which equals Rs 100

Visit AIP Online Surveys

Panel Station

Panel Station is another user targeted survey platform. This amazing website offers rewards including free paytm cash for attempting and completing surveys. Both Panel Station Apps/Website can be manoeuvred to attempt and complete surveys. Survey delivered by them, however, are low rewarding and obliges to take several surveys before you can cash out. Having spent a couple of months filling survey from Panel Station, I manage to make Rs 3000 Which could be much higher, If I had Opted for other Survey Panels (Paying Much Higher) in this league.

Panel Station pays Rs 300 for 3000 points.

The Bottom Line, Panel Station do pay free Paytm Cash reward and other vouchers too. But, Low paying surveys and payment time which takes almost 45 days, is a definite factor to consider before joining.

I’ll certainly not favour this survey panel and do not recommend joining this one.

Still Curious?

Visit Panel Station

India Speaks

This Survey Panels spree seems to have no end as India Speaks to be the next one on my list of Websites/Apps paying free Paytm cash. Let’s dive into our Review of India Speaks. India Speaks conducts market research and survey for several prestigious organizations. Register & Start taking surveys. Their surveys are high paying and offer great conversion.

But, their Referral programme is a complete disaster. I complete a few surveys on this survey panel and It was amazing to be able to redeem as low as 100 Rs. However, Asking payout is something that added to the woes. Despite contacting several times, there is hardly any concrete response. Thus, I quit this survey Panel.

P.S: I Got my Payment as free Paytm cash as voucher or coupon codes several months after I asked for payment. Therefore, I don’t recommend India Speaks.

Join at your own Risk.

Visit India Speaks

Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau Surveys

I know, I sound like a great proponent of survey panels. And, I believe, I’m. Opinion bureau is one of the primary reasons for admiring Survey Panels. With Opinion Bureau, I was able to make Rs 8000 about 120 $ and It was a great thing that uplifted my belief and confidence to make online earning and that too free Paytm cash online. All my Opinion Bureau earnings were free Paytm cash voucher codes. You can take a look here in my guide to online paid surveys.

The biggest paytm hack unlimited money is responding surveys from them, You feel like It’s really worth it. The send you high paying surveys by email. Most survey Ranges from Rs 150-250 & it can be even more. You can ask for Payment when you collect at least 250 points which are equivalent to Rs 250. Besides, Occasionally you can answer polls and convert them into your main balance.

When you receive points, It takes at least 20 days to get points verified thereby making instant payments not possible.

Apart from winning free Paytm cash, There are other alternatives like freecharge money. Hence, Register & Start free.

Note: The biggest trick to earn massive free paytm cash is filling complete profile.

Visit Opinion Bureau


Free Paytm Cash

Fortunately, Paybox, the next website isn’t a survey panel on my list. In truth, Paybox is a micro-content creation website paying free Paytm cash. With Paybox you can get free Paytm money for completing easy tasks, posting polls, playing games, spin and win paytm cash, and there is much more. You get a signup bonus of Rs 100 of which only Rs 20 is available for payout. For unlocking another share you have to complete the login challenge by visiting the website daily. Read more

Visit PayBox



Perhaps Being the Newest and the highest unlimited Free Paytm Cash Rewarding App, CrownIt app allows you to take short surveys for instant high free Paytm cash. They also offer an opportunity to earn rewards by uploading your online shopping, grocery bills, food ordering bills, electricity and retail store bills. You’ll get alerts for surveys by text message when you are eligible for surveys. For a 10 min survey, You can easily make Rs 50 Paytm Cash daily. Look at the screenshot, When I last attempted a short survey and earned Rs 50.


And, This is the payment, I received for the last survey, I completed.



4Fun App

4funn app is a completely new video creation and sharing app. With 4funn app, you can easily earn paytm cash by watching videos on whatsapp and youtube. Consequently, Installing this paytm cash app, Instantly wins you Rs 50 joining bonus.

Plus you can refer your friends to earn more.

In short, For every installation you get Rs 6 in your account.

Additionally, for payment you need to have minimum Rs 200 before cashing out.

To earn from 4funn app, you can actively login in your account which gets on increasing per day starting from 10 coins.

Remember, 250 coins is equal to Rs 1. So, You have to make and share videos in order to earn paytm cash fast.

Install here


Get Free paytm cash playing games, spinning wheel, reading articles, watching videos by LoopScoop App. In fact, This Free Paytm Cash giving app allows you to earn each time you complete a task. Unlike the previous 4fun App, LoopScoop has more tasks and income opportunities. In turn, You will be able to earn fast paytm cash from this app.

Therefore, You can install this apps and earn quick paytm cash.

Moreover, Each time you Refer friend gets you Rs 5 more.

Hence, making it an incredible way to make free paytm in your wallet.

Install here

Wrapping Up

These are all the genuine website/apps paying free Paytm cash. Although there are innumerable apps out there. But, It won’t be fair to share them with you, As it’s quite impossible to make money out of them. However, I’ll make sure to constantly update this page to offer you a multitude of opportunities that offers free Paytm cash.

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