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Fiverr vs FreelancingGig: Is It The Best Fiverr Alternative in 2020?

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Fiverr has grown into a center point for buyers to hire the right freelancers and to outsource their projects. With rising competition, it has become close to impossible for many freelancers to get work. This is possibly the reason many users are looking for a Fiverr alternative for a long time. Although, Some freelance platforms similar to Fiverr are being Upwork, Freelancer, etc have been stepping up each day. But, these freelance platforms are nowhere close to the user experience and opportunities the popular GIG platform offers.

To provide better opportunities and a more flexible way of outsourcing projects, yet another platform FreelancingGig similar to Fiverr has become a substantial part of the freelancing market. Since then, many users have switched over from Fiverr to FreelancingGig for genuine gigs and a much better pathway. 

The only question remains, is it the best Fiverr alternative in 2020? Well, it can only be truly known by comparing each aspect of Fiverr vs FreelancingGig. So, Let’s drill down further.

Fiverr Vs FreelancingGig: Quick Comparison based on Features, Payments, & Issues

User Interface

The first and foremost aspect of both these sites any freelancer would come across is the UI of the site. Well, this freelance website has been known to be as Fiverr clone sites and has a similar approach towards interacting with the users. From the search option on the homepage to “Become a Seller” page, almost everything stands similar on both the sites.

FreelancingGig user interface completely new for freelancers

Gig websites like Fiverr have been more out there among the users and have already created a big impact. As one can take into account, Freelancinggig as a better Fiverr alternative has placed all the options to “Explore the Marketplace” as soon as you visit the site. It is a lot more convenient to directly jump to the categories and have a more definitive search. On the other hand, Fiverr has taken a back seat and has placed the categories rather than at the end of the page.

Furthermore, as soon as you click on “Become a Seller” on both the sites, you can clearly see the difference. Fiverr has a more interactive and vibrant approach with moving pictures and Buyer stories. While the Fiverr similar website has decent but fewer options.

Fiverr user interface is bold and beautiful

In fact, Fiverr has come up with courses to sell to the freelancers to learn more about becoming a seller and the opportunities ahead.

Something worth mentioning that I personally felt has been quite useful is the login and Sign Up options on the sites. You can log in or Signup to Fiverr by only using Google and Facebook accounts, while on Freelancing Gig you can use LinkedIn as well apart from these two options. I believe this is an incredible addition considering you can now get connected to your professional profile.

Services and Categories

A freelancing website isn’t only limited to providing service from some particular generic categories. It has a lot more to offer. Both the sites have a similar sitemap with 100’s of services and categories listed. From Advertising to Lifestyle both Fiverr and Freelancinggig have everything available on their platform.

Fiverr categories which includes a lot of services and sellers

FreelancingGig being the best alternative to Fiverr has something unique to offer in terms of these categories. An excellent section of gigs that includes Fun activities such as Celebrity Impersonators and Gifts where one can look for freelancers good at making Greeting Cards. Basically, it has everything and more.

FreelancingGig categories for sellers

Freelancers have been looking for better alternatives to Fiverr, and FreelancingGig is surely one to look out for. Moving on, another exclusive service provided by the Fiverr similar Apps, Freelancinggig is the introduction of Gig Chatbot where any company or users looking for freelancers can simply select certain options from the chat menu and ask the Chatbot to find them the list of freelancers best suited for it. This is something you may never find in Fiverr or any other companies similar to Fiverr.

FreelancingGig Gig chatbot for buyers to explore specific list of freelancers

To add more to the list of unique services provided by Freelancinggig, it provides its users with a free template for an Email Signature. All you need to do is click on certain options, choose a template and fill in the details. Without having to pay a penny you have the best structure for your professional Email Signature.

freelancingGig email signature

Service Fees and Charges

It all comes down to the number of fees and charges that each platform leverages on its buyers and sellers. If you are new to Fiverr and have been looking to make a Buyers profile, well you should be aware of the amount of Buyers service Fee the company has been charging from each user. 

All purchases made by a buyer are subject to a service fee of $2 on purchases up to and including $40, and 5% on purchases above $40. While Freelancinggig charges no fee from its buyers. No hidden sum or any commission of any kind. A buyer can simply make a free account and buy a service.

On the other hand, For sellers or freelancers. Both the Platforms charge a small minimal amount of commission to keep the system running. Fiverr takes about 20% of the project you have been selected for while on Freelancing Gig, the decent Fiverr alternative, charges are only 15% which can save a lot of money collectively.

Fees and charges on freelancingGig. Buyers usually don't pay anything

Freelancinggig could be one of the best Fiverr alternatives in India UK, Deutschland, Australia, China, Nigeria, France, Germany, Italy, etc and a lot more countries. With the reduction in the buyer and seller service fees, it could serve as turn-key for all those looking for alternatives to Upwork and Fiverr.

Buying and Selling Services

There is a significant difference when it comes to buying and selling services on both sites. Freelancers tend to approach sites like Fiverr to make money and grow on the way. With an interactive model created by both Fiverr and FreelancingGig, users and freelancers have been able to connect more and increase their earnings.

Fiverr has been incredible when it comes to providing some incredible opportunities to both the buyers and sellers. Being in the market for so long helps you grow to compete with the fierce competition. 

The dashboard for both the buyers and sellers is vibrant and has multiple things to look forward to. It includes the option to interact with the community, i.e. the blogs, forums, podcasts, and events. As a buyer, you can check out your orders very easily and keep track of it. 

Fiverr service dashboard which includes pro and top rated sellers

For Freelancers, you can also keep track of all your earnings, analytics, community, courses to learn more, promote Yourself, and a lot more to increase your reach among the buyers.

Fiverr freelancer dashboard for quick view of latest orders and navigation

While, on FreelancingGig, the process is rather simple and straightforward. The users have a similar dashboard for being both a buyer and a seller. You can simply click on the above drop-down menu options and look for gigs as a buyer and manage your Gigs as a seller. The site is very clean and has fewer options but surely provides quality freelance services like Fiverr.

freelancingGig dashboard

Exclusive Features and Versions of Fiverr Alternative

Fiverr has been impacting the market for years and the reason behind it being some additional versions and functions for business and professionals. While FreelancingGig has not yet added any other versions it has introduced some exclusive features worth mentioning.

Over the course of time, freelancers on Fiverr can get the special tag of being a pro seller. Using this you can be a part of Fiverr Pro where buyers can easily access some pro-level freelancers without having to browse throughout the site. Similarly, even though FreelancingGig has nothing close to this, there are multiple freelancers already marked and verified as a pro to choose from.

Fiverr Pro allow exceptional talent to thrive

Yet another important version by Fiverr where a buyer can hire an entire team of professionals under the Fiverr Studio page. This version has been specially designed to handle some complex processes that require more than one freelancer.

Fiverr studio for big agencies to provide design services

On the other hand, we have FreelancingGig, which may not be providing services such as mentioned above but have been out there creating a social Impact. All the sold gigs on the site every month are counted and the company makes a donation to the non-profit organizations. It is something every business must be able to do.

Growth Potential And Payment Cycle

There is no doubt that both Fiverr and FreelancingGig have immense opportunities for all the freelancers. Not only does it provide a great way to earn money but it also helps other companies or buyers to grow on a large scale. 

Fiverr continues to run its winning streak when it comes to providing one of the cheapest yet quality work for all the freelancers. In fact, Users from all over the world can land up with $1000’s worth project or as low as $5. The sky’s the limit. As, Buyers have been constantly looking for new talents and better sellers who can finish their work on time in the best quality. If you feel you have skills better than anyone, you can become a premium seller and get better projects. 

On Fiverr alone freelancers have been making thousands of dollars with only a small amount of work. On the other hand, FreelancingGig is a fresh site and has been attracting newbies and professionals for something better to look forward to. Moreover, There have been tons of new projects being posted every single day on the site for more earning opportunities and lesser competition, unlike Fiverr.

Fiverr earning potential

Another important aspect that any freelancer must take into account the flexibility of the billing cycle. Well, for Fiverr the process is very simple. As soon as the buyer accepts the work is completed by the seller, only then the pay is released for withdrawal. If you are a buyer and have assigned the gig to a seller over a certain amount, that particular sum will be immediately deducted from the buyer account. However, the seller doesn’t get the money until work is submitted and the buyer accepts the finished product.

Moreover, if you have submitted the work and the buyer is available for a period of 3 days or more, the money will be immediately available for you. It takes roughly 14-15 days for withdrawal. As a seller, you can withdraw your funds to either your PayPal account, credit your Fiverr Revenue Card, or transfer money to your bank account (“Direct Deposit” in the U.S.). Furthermore, you can only withdraw once per 24 hours with a maximum transaction up-to $5000.

FreelancingGig earning analytics

Speaking of FreelancingGig, it has a somewhat similar approach to Fiverr. Buyers are supposed to release the fund to the site in advance once the order has started. As soon as the order is cleared from the seller’s side, they can withdraw their funds. Any user can withdraw funds using either PayPal or Payoneer.

Get paid via Paypal and Payoneer

Similarly, a buyer can use Paypal or a Credit Card to add funds. Once you have requested for withdrawal, it quickly credits funds within 2-3 days without holding your funds for 2 weeks. Hence, it is the top Fiverr alternative in all respect.

Issues and Problems on the Both Freelance Platforms

No matter how perfect any platform or a tool is, it is bound to have a certain negative impact on freelancers and users. The same goes for every other freelancing platform. In this case, we can have a perfect example of Fiverr. It has a huge name in the industry with millions of users registered on its platforms but not all are satisfied with it.

Here it is what People say about Fiverr!

Fiverr dispute issue leaves freelancers in vain
Fiverr negatively impacts users to its bias towards buyers
Fiverr verification problem affected sellers worldwide
Fiverr Verification Problem

Summing up All the Important Fiverr & FreelancingGig issues:

  1. Fiverr has been mostly biased towards the buyers than the sellers. It has been a matter of concern as reported by sellers on various forums. In a matter of dispute, even if the buyer has failed to make proper understanding, it ends up in Buyers’ favor and sellers have to lose the money.
  2. Fiverr also tends to deduct a certain amount from your wallet in terms of handling disputes when it does not go in the seller’s favor. It is always advisable to transfer or withdraw the money to your account.
  3. Another issue that has been reported multiple times as well is for ID Verification. Users have been actively submitting their documents on the site multiple times and the site is failing to accept it. This has, in the end, led to banning the account with multiple such attempts. No matter if you are a Level 1 seller or even higher. 
  4. FreelancingGig has been experiencing some very basic issues when it comes to providing more opportunities as other platforms. Since it is a newbie in the market, it could take a while to get your hands on the new projects.

In my opinion, well the latter has been handling the issues very well. The team has been giving everything to interact with the customers and providing the best customer support. On the other hand, Fiverr has been facing the worst customer support experiences ever. Not only have they been giving more preference to the buyers, but they also fail to solve the queries of other sellers as well.

Customer Support

Customers are a top priority for any business or site. It goes the same for all the freelance Fiverr alternative sites. But there is a different story here when it comes to providing decent customer support to the customers.

While FreelancingGig a genuine Fiverr alternative has been handling the complaints and resolving the issues quite well. The opposite has been happening in Fiverr. Users have been neglected quite a lot of times as per the reviews and there is no response from the customers’ support team. It has been a major issue with people using Fiverr.

FreelancingGig support option to contact for any help

Since Fiverr is a much larger company, the expectations and requirements are higher.

Fiverr help and support page to quickly contact team

The poor customer support can lead to the most bizarre turn of events in the long run. Fiverr alternative jobs like FreelancingGig are more of a newbie in the market and have been able to keep up with their customers with exceptional Customer support services. In fact, FreelancingGig provides you One-on-One support on Facebook messenger via their page

Freelancing Gig allows you to contact through facebook on messenger via Facebok page

Tips to Get More Clients on Fiverr and FreelancingGig

Both Fiverr and FreelancingGig have been creating a buzz in the marketplace with the growing opportunities on both the platforms. Surely the competition is pretty high and one needs to keep up to land with better clients. This particular process is for both these platforms since they have a similar approach for all the buyers as well as the seller when setting up a profile.

Fiverr service page

1. Offer something out of the box. You will find multiple Content writers, graphics designers, etc. But if you feel you can specifically design or write something way better than any other person, that could be your selling point.

2. Make the value of your service reasonable but not too low. If you are an excellent person with skills, do not go as low as $5. Some buyers find the service to be cheap and eventually goes for trying worth spending on. Make yourself sound reasonable.

3. Always keep your work top-notch and ask your buyers to leave good feedback. Any buyer chooses to work with sellers with more reviews than anything lesser.

4. Keep everything on point. All your descriptions and offering should be clear and not too long that it becomes difficult to grow through.

How to create packages that works

5. Advertise your Gig among friends and ask them to promote. Or you can always take the help of paid advertising which will bring good traffic.

6. Always have multiple Gigs to offer to the buyers to stand out from the crowd.

Create an attractive profile description to win more jobs

These are some of the tips any buyer can take into registering on either of the sites. It all depends on the approach of the buyers and the dedication. 

It certainly is not easy to get clients when it comes to using a platform such as Fiverr. With a huge freelancer and client base, it has become very difficult for freelancers to find the right client at their dignified price tags. Moreover, there are multiple other users with the same service and much lower price making it debatable for others.

On the other hand, FreelancingGig, as discussed, is a new face in the market as a legit Fiverr alternative with fewer clients cases along with fewer freelancers making it incredible for freelancers to grab this amazing opportunity to step up. In such situations, it is much easier to get genuine clients and getting work done faster.

Final Verdict

In our opinion, FreelancingGig is presently the best Fiverr Alternative and one hell of competition to look forward to. Not only have they taken good care of every little detail that Fiverr has been lacking in terms of support and innovation. Also, Some key points about Fiverr review sites that make it worthwhile are the ease of use and how incredibly user-friendly the site is for every user.

While, Fiverr can be more reliable in terms of being a market trusted by all, but in terms of saving more money as a buyer could be a plus point for FreelancingGig. So, with no service fee included and lesser service fees for freelancers, it might be time for users to switch to FreelancingGig and give it a try.

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