10 Powerful Motivational Business/Money Quotes

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Business/Money quotes always keep you inspired and motivated. All these quotes are words by great leaders. These quotes give us a positive direction and inherit faith. Therefore, keeping a note of them and inculcate them in our life helps to widen our perspective. We have so much to learn and get motivated by observing these top successful entrepreneurs and businessman.

Therefore, we have compiled the list of 10 business/money Quotes by Successful leaders:

#1. Albert Einstein

A person who never made a mistake,
Never Tried Anything New Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Quote

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#2. Amancio Ortega

The Customer Has Always Driven The Business Model Amancio Ortega
Quote by Amancio Orgtega

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#3. Bernard Arnault

I Think In Business, You Have To Learn To Be Patient. Maybe I’m Not Very Patient Myself. But I Think That I’ve Learned The Most Is Be Able To Wait For Something And Get It When It’s The Right Time Amancio Ortega
Quote by Bernard Arnault

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#4. Azim Premji

If People Are Not Laughing At Your Goals, Your Goals Are Too Small Azim Premji
Business Quote by Azim Premji

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#5. B.C.Forbes

If You Don’t Drive Your Business, You Will Be Driven Out Of Business B.C.Forbes
Quotes by BC Forbes

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#6. Bill Gates

As We Look Ahead Into The Next Century, leaders Will Be Those Who Empower Others Bill Gates
Bill Gates Quotes

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#7. Carlos Slim

The Biggest Things In Life Are Not MaterialsCarlos Slim
Carlos Sim Quotes

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#8. Charles Koch

I Believe My Business And Non – Profit Investments Are Much More Beneficial To Societal Well-being Than Sending More Money To Washington Charles Koch
Money Quotes By Charles Koch

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#9. Colin Powell

A Dream Doesn’t Become Reality Through Magic; it Takes Sweat, Determination And Hard Work Colin Powell
Colin Powell Quotes

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#10. David Filo

Thousands Of People Were Producing New Websites Every Day, We Were Just Trying To Take All That Stuff And Organize It To Make It Useful David Filo
David Filo Quotes

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