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Best Paid URL Shorteners Websites

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The Best Paid URL shorteners websites for 2019. A breakthrough in making money online by shrinking links on the internet. This article will cover all the top Paid link personalizing sites paying cash to create and share short links.

Before making way to paid custom link shortening service. Let’s first take a look at the free branded short URL generators that one can avail to shrink links.

Is your Goal to shrink websites addresses and make them tiny? All these Popular Branded Link personalizing services will be at your service.

These popular link shrinking sites allows you to customize, track and manage all your website URLs at one place.

Because of these Paid URL Shorteners,  You can keep an eye over your link performance by robust analytics dashboard.

Some of the Top Branded Free Link Shorteners

Google URL Shortener – Goo.gl

One of the Prominent names in link shrinking websites. Google was once the first choice of digital marketers, social media users and webmasters before Google decide to decommission it in March 2019.

Bit.Ly URL Shortener

Another Big Gun in this segment, Bit.ly Offers both free and Pro Short Link generating services for marketers to track, shrink and analyse their link data.

Apart from the link shrinking service, Bit.ly endow a powerful link personalizing service to users, which was apparently missing in the Goo.gl URL shortener.


Being a bulk URL link shortener, Webconfs enable you to shrink several URLs at once. When you shrink your web links with this website. It spits goo.gl links to you. However, there is no analytics support to track your link data which can determine how many times link is clicked.


TinyURL link Shortener finds its place among the branded free URL shorteners. Started in 2002, It is among the earliest short link generators which eliminated the hectic of typing and sharing long URLs over the internet.

Other Branded Free URL Shorteners

Vanity URL Shorteners

How to Shrink Website Links and Make them Short?

To shorten URL, Head up to one of these Branded free Link Shorteners. And, Put your Link and Hit the short button. In Seconds your tiny link will be generated.

Look at the ScreenShot Below for Help. ( For Beginners)

Bit.ly Branded Link Shortener

  • Go to Bit.ly website
  • Hit the Create Button
  • Put Your Long URL inside the space shown in the image
  • Congrats, You have shortened the link. Now, Copy and start sharing

Finally, We are done with Free Web URL Shorteners. Let’s get down to Business and continue our deliberations to Paid URL Shorteners websites. All, these Paid URL Shorteners websites are high paying link shrinking services.

How does Custom Paid URL Shorteners Earn Money?

All Paid URL shorteners have their set of advertising database or platform. They allow advertisers to display ads to the user. So, When any person click on the shortens URL shared by you.

The set of ADs are shown to that particular person clicking and visiting for a short span of 5-10 second before reaching to the targeted destination.

As, This model of advertising opens the door to earn money by sharing short links. So, This is how paid URL shortening service works.

Some of the High Paying Paid URL Shortener Websites are


Shorte.St Paid Link Shortener

Read my Complete Review on Shorte.St. Shorte.st had been down in the Paid URL shortening space quite for a While.

Shorte.st allows you a great shortcut to making money promoting and shrinking long website URL.

In other words, This is a great way to grab free cash posting links on social media, websites, discussion boards, chats and more.

Shorte.St Paid URL Shorteners Offers high payouts for English-speaking countries as compared to Asian and African countries. Look at their payout below.

Shorte.St Payout

Apart from earning money from Link shorteners, you can choose to mine cryptocurrency by installing their application on your computer.

Because, The application automates the mining functionality allowing you to earn money while you browse the internet, watch movies and chat on social media.

Besides, They have a referral program where you make a 5 % Referral commission from your referral earnings for 3 months.


Get Instant payout when you accrue $5 for PayPal and Webmoney On 10th of every month. And $20 for Payoneer.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start Earning with this amazing website address link shortener.

Visit Shorte.st


Adf.ly Paid URL Shortener

Adf.ly offers great high payout for sharing short links. Countries Like US, UK, Australia and Canada among the top payout countries. The payout for these countries is around 10$/1000 views which is pretty much on the higher side.

In addition, Talking about their referral programme, Adf.ly offers 20 % referral earning for life which is quite exceptional.

Therefore, Having a website can add to your advantage where you can place pop ads, banners and interstitial ads and earn for CPM ( Cost per mile) advertising.


For PayPal minimum withdrawal is $5 and for Payoneer, it is $10.

Curious about rewards from adf.ly?

Visit Here

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Za.gl Paid Link Shortener

Za.gl URL shortener service employs powerful artificial intelligence technology on its platform.

Probably with the highest payout, Za.gl is on the top of charts. Many users have claimed around $1000 sharing and promoting tinyURL across social media, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Here is my Za.gl Review. With growing dominance and changing policy terms, sharing links on Social media has become a backbreaking task. However, to deal with this scenario, Za.gl Link shortening services have come up with an innovative solution. For every unique website address, you shorten with them, It generates an alternative bit.ly for the same to share on Facebook, Twitter and more.

That’s a remarkable and amazing concept to deal with Facebook spam system.

Furthermore, Za.gl has an astonishing referral program which allows you to earn 50% of referrals earning for life.

Above all, Being the highest paying URL shortener both in terms of sharing tiny links and referral, I recommend using this platform to earn by sharing and posting links over social media websites.


Rewards are paid through PayPal in around 4 business days.

Visit Za.gl

Where and How to Share Short Links to Earn Fast?

  • Whatsapp- Share them in WhatsApp group, they are the perfect place to share links.
  • Forums- Share your Links in forums. The forums are free to Join and can be used
  • Share in Facebook messages ( Note only a few Paid URL shorteners are allowed on facebook. So, do it wisely)
  • Use Online Bulk Messages to share to your contact list
  • Use Twitter

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Link Shorteners are one of the most brilliant ways to thrive your pocket with huge earning potential. Therefore, Before you start It is always good to have an strategy. Do you need any help regarding paid link shorteners? Do share this article and drop your comments in the comments section. Subscribe from the form below.

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