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Mobile Gaming Apps That Pays You Cash

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Taking the look at the statistics, across the world there are more than 2.5 billion video game users & approximately 55 percent of casual gamers and 66 percent of the heavy gamers across India are below the age of 24.

With this vast number of gaming apps and the users, we find a lot of gaming apps that pay money to its users.

Playing Games have always been a source of entertainment and leisure. There were times that such casual games were considered as a waste of time. However, everything has changed now.

Rather, there are various gaming apps that pay its users in cash. It doesn’t even matter whether you are a gamer or not, earning money through playing games on mobile phones can be much of your thing.

One should also consider signing up for PayPal if you don’t have it already. Some of these mobile phone gaming apps will offer you reward in the terms of products or gift cards, but if you want cash, most of the gaming apps deliver it in the form of a deposit to your PayPal account.

So, earning cash by mobile phone games is a fun way to keep yourself engaged.

Android Gaming Apps Paying Cash

Some Smartphone Apps Paying in Cash:

#1. ClickSense

Clicksense is an online platform which offers rewards for completing simple and easy tasks. With Clicksense you can easily get paid to watch videos, playing games, taking surveys & quizzes, spot the difference, puzzles, and many more small tasks. For each task, you complete you easily earn $0.10. To earn quickly from this website, consider referring more and more of your friends. You’re paid once you earn $10 by Payoneer, skrill, check(US & Canada).

Try it Now

#2. Bulb Smash

In Bulb Smash, you only have to smash the bulbs using a sling.

Mobile Gaming Apps that Pays Money

This game makes you earn money each time you level up the game. Once you reach 60 rupees minimum threshold, you can transfer money to your Paytm wallet.

This game makes you earn money each time you level up the game. Once you reach 60 rupees minimum threshold, you can transfer money to your Paytm wallet.

Try Bulbsmash

#3. Bingo for Money

Earn Cash from Bingo AppWell, who doesn’t love playing bingo to earn money? Bingo for Money lets you play with your virtual friends. You can play various types of Bingo games with different features that will keep you fresh and entertaining.

If you are up to make money, then you can make deposits and wagers in games, but this isn’t necessary. You’re also in control of how much you bet so you can deposit as little as $1 if you’d like.

Download Here 

For US citizens only.

Image Source: Pinterest

#4. Play and Win

Playing with the application ‘Play and Win’, you can choose to play any game among the tons of games in there. You will be able to avail tokens from playing games to draw cash prizes. Those cash prizes earned would be delivered via PayPal.

Real Cash from Play and Win App
Image source: Play and Win Gaming website

#5. Cash Crate

In Cash Crate, you can earn points by entering tournaments and completing specific actions in your games. They only cost a couple of points to enter and you can cash out when you have the equivalent of $20 in your account. Read more about cash crate here.

Try Crash Crate

#6. Bananatic

Bananatic is a testing website that lets you play games and pays you to write reviews about them. The site gives you quests for the games, which help you do certain tasks that developers want to learn more about to check the bugs, ease of gameplay, etc. After completing these quests, you’ll earn points. You can earn more after writing reviews about the game, all your points – known as Bananas – go towards real prizes, like gift cards, games, prepaid cards, and more.

Play Bananatic Game to Earn free cash
Image Source: YouTube

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Join Bananatic

#7. Paid Game Player

At this online gaming website, you will be compensated with every win among 25+ games. You can earn a handsome amount of money by taking surveys, reviewing games and winning.

#8. SecondLife

SecondLife has more than 2 million active users with each one interfacing with others with their avatar image. It is one of the biggest gaming websites. Second Life has its own virtual currency, the Linden Dollar, which is exchangeable with real-world currency.

Try Second life

#9. Play Rummy

Playing Rummy has always been fun and earning money through fun seems interesting. It is owned and operated by Innopark India Pvt Ltd. and it also enables safe and secure payouts and 24*7 support.

Rummy Gaming App to Earn Money
Image Source: Google PlayWhen you Sign up, You will get Rs 50 joining bonus.

#10. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is much more than playing and to earn through games. With playing games or doing another activity like searching the web, watching videos and taking surveys, you will get paid reward points known as ‘Swagbucks’.

The games include memory games and also action games where you would guide a character to jump over pits and obstacles to gain points.

Try Swagbuck Gaming App

Whether you will win or lose, you can be able to earn bucks by playing on GSN using Swagbucks.

You can also spend these collected bucks on gift cards to any near restaurant or a retail store.
Using another way, you can also exchange you Swagbucks for PayPal cash. You can redeem your Swagbucks for a PayPal deposit of $25 once you earn 2,500 points. To register to Swagbucks, one must be at least 13 years old.

Try Swagbucks

#11. App Cent

Using App Cent, you will be able to earn money by downloading mobile featured free apps and playing their games. You can also earn digital coins that can be redeemed for paid apps or gift cards.

Wrapping Up:

So isn’t it easy to be entertained and earn money simultaneously?

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Also, comment if you know a gaming app that pays money.

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