Best Freelance Websites for Beginners

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Discover the best freelance websites available for beginners.

Whether you are a designer, a developer, a creative writer, or a marketer, these best freelance websites for beginners could be your best chance to acquire the next dream project. The project that you were long awaiting.

An opportunity to test your character and step-up your game.

However, It will not be a cakewalk.

Since you will be pooling among the world’s nonpareil talent, It will surely take to hone in your skills. Because

“If You Want Something You’ve Never Had,

You’ve Got to Do Something You’ve Never Done.”— Thomas Jefferson

Keeping that in mind, you should polish your skills to picture-perfect level and hit the nail right on the head.

Why Freelance Platforms?

With the advent of the internet and rapid information technology advancement, the world is at next-door.

Goods, services & even jobs are not bound to geographical boundaries.

The rapid exchange of goods & services and a higher evolving technology has brought forth a radical transition in the hiring process.

For many employers as well as employees, this transformation has unfurled seamless opportunities.

Besides, it has become relatively easy for an employer in New York to recruit someone in Bangladesh.

All in all, this transformation in the hiring process could have been possible with a remarkable concept. The concept that testified the outset of a new era for professionals worldwide.

An era sought to bring forward employers and employees (freelancers) over a mainstream Platform with an escrow arrangement.

These platforms are call freelance job sites or the freelance marketplace. These Freelance Marketplace count on a simple yet revolutionary framework for connecting employees (Freelancers) with employers.

Over the years, these freelance platforms have gained traction to become the preferred choice of millions of freelancers and employers worldwide.

And the rationale for such acclamation is the reliability, convenience & accessibility, these freelance marketplace offers.


Are you one of those eyeballing to get work done, or considering taking a freelance project, head up to one of these freelance job platforms.

The Best Freelance Websites for beginners are:

Best Freelance Websites

1. FreelanceGig.comFreelance Gig

Freelancegig is a leader in providing freelancers an opportunity to grow and thrive. The looks can be pretty much similar, but the real characters lie in the performance. Their vision and commitment to quality are stark in their helpful support and quick payments. The most surprising element, they have a transparent payment system where they only charge 15% service, which is comparatively low than others who charge 20%.

I’m an early bird on this website and had a fantastic experience with this platform. I recommend you try this one out. I’m sure you guys going to love this. Because this is on the top of my list.

2. PeoplePerHour (Join Here)


Headquartered in London, PeoplePerHour signifies hourly monetarily value that a worker adds to a job.

PeoplePerHour, with its novel freelance concept, has added a fresh breeze of air to the previously existing freelance mechanism.

It hands over talented professionals with a framework to create jobs as a personalized offer.

The job served explicitly tailored and personalized to the client’s


Freelancer is one of the largest freelance platforms. Since its commencement in 2009 by Matt Barrie, has grown into a network of 2.1 million registration worldwide.

Post a project, specify your budget to get quotes (bids) on your project.

When the bid is accepted, the project is finalized and awarded to a freelancer. registration is free with a choice to upgrade to premium membership. The premium membership endows exclusive benefits to users like unlimited bids, low payment processing fees, and profiles recommendations.

Is it hard to get a freelance project?

Consider taking a certification test, which usually entails a nominal fee.

Payments: allows several payment alternatives, and most popular amongst them is PayPal & for the Indian Users (Paytm is available).

4. Guru

Guru Freelance

Guru is one such freelance platform that has Indian Roots. From its label to its founder Inder Guglani, Guru has an Indian association.

Originally, Guru was established in the way back 90s with its headquarter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This freelance platform incorporates modern-day technologies to host jobs. registration is free. And, all characteristics are a clear reflection of platform.

5. Upwork


Upwork (previously ODesk) is probably the biggest name in freelancer fraternity. According to official data, Upwork is home to 12 million freelancers and 2 million corporate clients.

For the corporate client’s, Upwork has made it reasonably easy for employers to remotely connect and collaborate with the top-tier freelancers.

Want to get hired?
Need someone to help with your project?

Upwork has it all pro-rated talent to assist you in your project.

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Truelancer is another freelance platform renown for its authenticity and trust. Finding and getting work accomplished on the Truelancer platform is super easy, incredibly safe, and extremely secure.

This platform has a lot to offer to a freelance beginner than other freelance names in the drove.

This freelance platform offers flexibility to bid on work projects immediately when posted. Some of the work you can easily find are content writing, digital marketing, web, and app development, typing jobs, and other designing services.

Besides, the payment system is comparatively a cut above the formerly mentioned freelance websites.

7. Craiglist


Although Craiglist is a classified website on the higher side, it got every piece of job you’d love to accomplish.

From accounting, writing, designing, software coding to manual labor, Craiglist has it all.

In a freelance context, there are a plethora of freelance jobs that are readily available on this website.

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8. SEOClerks


For the Non-techies as well as techies, SEOClerks ought to be a blessing.

On the non-technical side, It is easy to hire an expert on the SEOClerk platform to exercise greater control over your website optimization activity for the search engines.

Along with SEO, there are other elements as well you can explore like article writing, Ebook writing, social media, and virtual assistant, to name a few.

Working as a freelancer can bump into loads of SEO projects from this platform.

9. Fiverr


Fiverr presumably a brand-new freelance platform.

From its captivating interface to the transparent payment mechanism, Fiverr renders a promising solution to everyone on its platform.

As a freelancer, Signing up as a seller is pretty much alike the E-commerce marketplace.

However, Registering as a seller allows to create a service with a fixed price(service fee applies), a trait which is entirely different from its counterparts.

This trait overall can be a cost-effective solution to monitor your projects.

Moreover, the trust, reliability, and robust tools bestow employers to get work done faster by discovering the perfect freelancer for their project.

10. Monsterbacklinks

MonsterLinks SEO Marketplace

MonsterBackLinks is undoubtedly a replica of the SEO clerk website. The feel, feature, and the interface is indeed identical in all respect.

Despite, the parity in features, this freelance platform offers a series of benefits and elbow room to get more freelance projects relevant to your skills.

11. Toptal

TopTal Freelance Website

After being featured in the Biggest editorial names the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, and Bloomberg, Toptal needs no Introduction.

Toptal takes pride in presenting the top freelance talent to numerous Multi-national companies.

Hence, Leveraging the Toptal freelance platform can skyrocket one’s career to reach new heights.

However, Toptal is quite selective in choosing only experienced freelancers.

Furthermore, It is an excellent place to find software developers, designers, marketers, and project managers from the pool of top talented professionals for employers.

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12. WorkRoll



Notably a freelance jobs repository, WorkRoll is an excellent place to hunt high prized freelance jobs. Apply for any freelance job by simply entering job role, location, and select freelance to dispense jobs matching your skills. While most of the freelance job offered on this platform is from the UK & US, seldom South Asian countries jobs are posted as well.

13. Iwriter


Want to hire a writer? Need an article on a specific topic? Iwriter could be your place to explore the most prolific freelance writers. Ordering content is incredibly easy with the choice to select the article as per your tone, style, and budget. Moreover, there are several writing tiers to choose from with a sample article. Contrarily, This freelance platform is an extraordinary place to attain content writing work for content writing professionals.


The freelance platform can be a boon for many skilled professionals. However, it will not be easy to build a reputation. And, it is always good not to put eggs in one basket. You can also choose to find work projects by communicating with local businesses. Have you tried any freelance platform? What’s your experience with these platforms? Share your thoughts in the comment section.