Top and Best Search Engines to Submit Website for Higher Rankings

Submitting your website to top and best search engines is essential for higher rankings in the search results. It assures you gain momentum in your campaign and place your website in top spots by rapid indexing of all your web pages.

We highly recommend submission of your website in these major search engine for high organic traffic and quick indexing. All these search engine are extremely popular amongst blogger and webmasters.

Major Search Engines for Excellent Results in SERPS:

Submit your website to Yahoo, Google, Yandex, Bing and more.

#1. Google

Google no longer support submission of websites directly from their web submission tool. To achieve higher ranking and drive traffic you have to submit your website to google. If you want to submit your website to google you have to create account on google search console.

Google Search Engine Website Submission

Here is google search console link.

You have to create a sitemap of your website before you can submit on google. You can easily create sitemap online by finding many websites on google. After submitting your link on search console will index all your website pages on google.

#2. Yahoo Yahoo Search Engine Submission

To get the possible outcomes from search engine website submission. You can submit your website URL on yahoo search engine which is a must. Yahoo search engine is one of the major search engines that started in end of 90’s. Most of the search on yahoo search engine emanates from United States. Submitting your website on yahoo will definitely going to be a boost in your overall website visibility and reach. Yahoo has end its support for manual search engine submission. In order to submit your website to yahoo, you have to submit on bing search engine through bing webmaster tool.

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Sign up Bing search console

#3. Bing 

Amongst the most powerful search engines. 90 % search on bing emanates from united states. If you are targeting for search traffic from united states then submission on bing search engine is vital for highly optimised results.

To submit your website on bing search engine, you have to use their bing submission tool.

Sign up for Bing Search Console

#4. Duck Duck Go

DuckDuckGo —Search Engine Submission

With the theme of saving search privacy and ensuring greater control over users search data. Duck Duck Go has been started in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg. It probably the best search engines to use in order to ensure privacy of personal information.

Submit your website URL on Duckduckgo

#5. Entire Web

Entireweb Search Engine Submission

If you are looking for better traffic outcomes. This search engine is a great option to extend your reach with citation. It automatically submit your website to thousand of small search engines that is why it is preferred by thousand of webmasters. You can also submit your website for maximum visibility on the internet.

Submit Your website URL on Entire Web

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