Online Typing Jobs to Work Part Time at Home

Online Typing Jobs
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Online typing jobs are a great way to kick off as a beginner. With limited skills and experience, they are best suited for everyone looking to work at home.

Part time Online typing jobs are a paradise for those who want to stay at home at their comfort. Typing jobs require no investment and are the best primary jobs which you can operate from home.

It is better than offline jobs and requires absolutely no skill. If you have knowledge of Microsoft word that is an added advantage.

These jobs work for everyone whether you are a student, mom, dad, teenager, college student. This job will definitely work for you. As it is a job that you can continue without investment. It offers flexible work hours and daily and weekly payment.

The corporate sector is occupied with a wide variety of jobs and also provides work from home opportunities part time and full time.

Grabbing work from home job opportunities are considered eye-catching to mostly the students and beginners. If you have the common and a simple skill i.e. typing then you can easily be able to find legitimate typing jobs that might pay you a good amount even if you work from home.

Today, there is a great need for typists to turn audio recordings into text files, to do data typing as well as other kinds of typing jobs.

Due to the availability and benefit from the internet, it really doesn’t matter where the typist is. The goal with an online typing job comes with firstly, earning money and to also build skills while getting experience & through making money from the home itself.

Data entry jobs are widely available and the only requirement that they have is you should be able to type accurately and quickly.

Data entry jobs basically need you to enter various different forms of data into an electronic format like on a software system or on a spreadsheet.

Data entry seems to be the simplest of all the variety of typing jobs.

You don’t need to acquire experience to break into it, but Data entry jobs pay the least too among all other typing jobs.

Where to Find Online Typing Jobs?

#1: Lionbridge Smart Crowd(Register)

Formerly known as VirtualBee, Lionbridge Smart Crowd is a reputed company which provides its users with small typing tasks to complete online for compensation. You should be at least 18 years old to sign up and there are no fees to join the company.

Lionbridge conducts an evaluation and would then contact you when any work will be available based on the evaluation score that you got. You just need to take at least one evaluation to be considered for any work.

The best thing working with Virtual Bee is that you can perform your data entry task according to your time availability so the work here is very flexible.

Payment varies from task to task but for most of the data entry tasks, you can earn anywhere between $0.20 – $0.60 per 1,000 keystrokes. You can also earn $1 – $5 if you answer survey here.

#2: Data Plus+

Data Plus+ is a company specializes in transferring paper data to electronic form and hires independent contractors to perform data entry task.

The work in Data Plus+ is pretty straightforward as the assignments range from different tasks like inputting data from handwritten documents, digital copy, or scanned documents etc.

They also hire data entry clerks and MS Access database programmers. You can earn on a per-piece basis here.

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#3: Axion Data Entry Services

Axion Data Entry Services is a data outsourcing firm that consists of contractors who perform the data entry tasks for the clients.

Some of the data entry projects of this company include working on loyalty program applications, contest entries, student records, product registrations and questionnaires, and more.

To qualify for a position in Axion Data Services, you must pass the criminal background check and must own a computer and should acquire basic computer skills.

You are paid per project here and the pay varies depending on the scope of the project. Also, you should complete your work within 2 weeks and you would get paid 28 days later.

Another kind of typing job is Transcription in which you have to type the spoken audio recording, such as dictation, lectures, conference calls, phone messages, workshops, interviews, speeches, podcasts, videos, webinars, etc. Transcription varies from general to legal transcription and corporate transcription.

You must acquire familiarity and/or experience and neither of these requires any certification.

A company that provides a job on the basis of transcription is ‘Rev’.

You need to take a test to be accepted and you might be paid a handsome amount of $4 to $12 US per hour of work & they pay through PayPal account once a week. Among freelancer, Rev tends to be one of the most popular company.

#4: Scribe(Register)

Scribe is yet another popular choice among the freelancers where you can work as little or as much as you like. They pay cash through PayPal account too.

You can also make $1 to $2 per hour for typing & solving captcha images online by working as a Captcha entry worker.

You just have to identify the characters and enter in the text box provided below & then submit.

#5: MegaTypers(Register)

MegaTypers is one of the top Captcha work providers and is free to join.

Most of the top types and experienced earn between $100 (Rs.6000) to $250 (Rs.15,000) per month and Beginners can earn $0.45 per 1000 word images typed. They pay through Debit cards, PayPal etc.

Kolotibablo, CaptchaTypers, ProTypers etc are other such Captcha work providers that pay you for typing.

You may also earn by captioning, writing medical transcription, answering online surveys too.  Among abundant jobs, these typing jobs tend to be flexible and easy and provide you with experience and earnings, both.

So if you want to find a legitimate work from home job then you can easily choose among these according to your preference.

Note: Use Invitation Code: EID7 to register without this code you cannot register.

Wrapping it Up!

Do you know more about such websites that offer online typing job?

Share your thoughts in the comment section. Subscribe for more articles to follow. Rate this article with star rating below. Do you know more legitimate typing jobs websites?

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